Heatit Z-dim2 drivers

Hi, I've bought and added two z-wave Heatit Z-dim2 rotary dimmers to my network which so far work great with the built in Heatit Z-dim drivers. These dimmers however also have an option (when setting a certain attribute), for the dimmer button not to function as a direct control of the dimmer, but for it to function as a scene button controller. When this function is activated the button sends events to to hub, which would of course be great because I could create more complex automations! Only thing is, this function does not seem to be implemented in the driver.. Anyone ran into this or a similar issue? Below is the debug log for when the relevant parameter is set to act as a scene controller and the message received when first pressing, then double pressing and finaly holding the button and releasing:

ev:10652023-07-31 13:05:22.965debugskip:CentralSceneNotification(keyAttributes:1, sceneNumber:1, sequenceNumber:13, slowRefresh:true)

dev:10652023-07-31 13:05:22.960debugparse:zw device: 0B, command: 5B03, payload: 0D 81 01 , isMulticast: false

dev:10652023-07-31 13:05:21.105debugskip:CentralSceneNotification(keyAttributes:2, sceneNumber:1, sequenceNumber:12, slowRefresh:true)

dev:10652023-07-31 13:05:21.100debugparse:zw device: 0B, command: 5B03, payload: 0C 82 01 , isMulticast: false

dev:10652023-07-31 13:05:17.521debugskip:CentralSceneNotification(keyAttributes:3, sceneNumber:1, sequenceNumber:11, slowRefresh:true)

dev:10652023-07-31 13:05:17.515debugparse:zw device: 0B, command: 5B03, payload: 0B 83 01 , isMulticast: false

dev:10652023-07-31 13:05:11.594debugskip:CentralSceneNotification(keyAttributes:0, sceneNumber:1, sequenceNumber:10, slowRefresh:true)

dev:10652023-07-31 13:05:11.589debugparse:zw device: 0B, command: 5B03, payload: 0A 80 01 , isMulticast: false