Heating Control

I'm just starting to look at how I will control Heating using HE. I am working on my Horstmann stat which I hope to be able to send the desired set temperature to. Failing that I can just get HE to be the stat. The question is how best to use HE as a heating programmer? On my Vera system I had a lot of Lua code that compared the current time with a set of variables that I set up for time and temp. E.g. 07:30, 20C, 09:30, 15C, 17:00, 19C etc etc. I then had various sets of these time/temp lists for different times of year, occupancy etc, and could load whichever set I wanted at the click of a button. It all worked very well and I would like to replicate the same sort of functionality in HE if possible. But as HE doesn't seem to have any user variable equivalent, I'm not sure where to start. I'd be interested to hear what anyone else has done.


One option is to write a Groovy app that mirrors your Lua code. That's what I would do.

How do you connect to the Horstmann?

I haven't done any groovy coding yet, and was really hoping to keep things a bit simpler on HE. My coding on Vera got so complex at times, it was hard for me to work out what was going on, and I wrote it!

The Horstmann is Zwave, and I am still trying different drivers for it. The HE generic Zwave driver doesn't work so I'm playing around with a modified ST one. That works ok now, and I can send a new set temperature to the stat, but I can't get set the wakeup time to be less than the default 10mins, so if I change the set temperature in HE it takes that long to update the stat. The driver I'm using is supposed to set the wakeup time but the stat doesn't seem to accept any new setting.

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