Heath Zenith motion lights with ZEN51 relay

Apologies is this is a dup, but I am new to Hubitat from the ISY Insteon world and don't see this anywhere here.

I am looking for Z-Wave replacements for my outdoor Insteon motion lights, and was wondering if anybody else has experience with a ZEN51 relay added to a stock Heath Zenith motion light. I had an old Health Zenith light around and rigged up something that seems to work by using the standard ZEN51 wiring but with the motion sensor red and black wires hooked up like the switch in the ZEN51 diagram. (Also have to run neutral to motion sensor.) If I leave the ZEN51 in default mode the motion sensor still triggers the lights but I also can trigger the hub off of button 1 (motion sensor) pressed. And I can override the lights from the hub. This gives me most of the functionality I would want.

One thing I could not get to work was disabling physical control on the ZEN51. I thought this would enable me to control the light separately from the motion sensor (e.g., through a rule triggered by the motion sensor) but I can't seem to get it to work. Maybe I would need a ZEN52 for that, triggering motion on one relay and running the lights off of the second relay.

Anyway, if anybody has experience with this I would be interested in hearing.

Could also look at just replacing the sensor element with:
HomeSeer HS-FLS100 ZWave

Oh yes, thank you. I appreciate the suggestion. I looked at that but the reviews seemed mixed and the ZEN51 seemed like a cheaper option so I decided to try that first. (And if I don't like it I can use the ZEN51 for other things.)

In the meantime I took down my old Insteon lights that I put up probably 15 years ago and found they are actually Heath Zenith lights with an InLine Linc wired exactly the same as what I decided I needed for the ZEN51. So I guess I knew how to do this 15 years ago...

You should be able to get this to work. I just tested this for mine and I have a rule for on a doubleTapped it turns on all the lights which still works, so with the physical control disabled the button events are still coming through. Did not seem to want to turn it back off but it might be the way I have the RL setup. You also may not want it set to toggle switch, mine is a 3-way switch so it works good for that.

Yeah, there was something funny going on because when I tried to turn back on physical control the whole thing was hosed for a bit. I power cycled and then hit Save Preferences again and it started back working so not sure what was happening. I'm still new enough to Z-Wave and Elevation I'm not completely sure what I am doing, but it works well enough on the one light that I went ahead and installed it outside and ordered more ZEN51's for the remaining outdoor lights. When those come in I will play with them before I install them.

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