HE support for weather stations

I'm looking for a weather station that integrates with HE. I found Qubino has a z-wave station and after looking at the list of supported devices see that HE does support other Qubino devices. Does anyone know when their weather station will be added to the list?
If anyone has experience with the Qubino weather station or any other weather station that is basically plug and play, in interested in hearing your thoughts.

Are you specifically looking for zwave? There are several community integrations for cloud/lan based ones.

Edit: I'll also @bcopeland since he seems to be on a kick lately of building drivers for some oddball zwave devices. A zwave weather station would be pretty cool!


:eyes:z-wave weather? Cool

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No plug and play solutions that I know of. I'm not sure Qubino is available any more.

How about integrating through weewx (requires a raspberry pi)? Weewx supports lots of mainstream weather stations and has lots of other functionality. There is already at least one plugin to support it ([UPDATED] Weewx Weather Driver With External Forecasting) which I haven't tried.

Node-RED would be great to use with the weather info, but I don't see a weewx integration.

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Node-RED can also be used if your weather station reports to Weather Underground. See node-red-contrib-twc-weather (node) - Node-RED.

I have an Ecowitt (fine offest) weather station that has a device that can that can talk directly to HE through a community driver. The weather station uses a device called a GW1000 that pushes data directly to your HE IP which is captured by the driver. Not only is it a great wether station (mine has all the usual plus soil moisture probs and lightening detector) but it can be 100% no cloud requirement with HE. Check these links.




+1 for Ecowitt ... I'm using mine for freezer and fridge temp monitors and alarms if they temp rises above a set threshold. So far works for my needs. Very inexpensive on Amazon

I run a pws connected to weewx and the MQTT addon running on an RPi. That talks to Node-RED just fine (and use the HE Nodes to talk to HE). Another way you could do it is run your MQTT broker on the pi with weewx+addon and then use the HE MQTT client app.. currently in beta.

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Does anyone have experience with the Netatmo weather station? Does it work well with Hubitat?

I had Netatmo but after the outside station died twice, first time ate batteries in a matter of days, second time drop the connection in and out every second, I gave up with it and went to Ecowitt. The only thing I miss is the CO2 sensor but that is coming soon.

From a HE perspective it worked fine for automation, I use my weather station in a rule for the under floor ventilation to decide if it should be turned on (or off) dependent on humidity etc.

"Alexa: Turn on the Sun"

After 2 years my Netatmo outside station just died. Given what I paid for the station, it’s a bit disappointing to say the least. Guess it’s time to look at Ecowitt.

I’ve been very happy with the weather flow tempest


Yep, the first time I went through the hassle of a warrant claim as it was under 12 months, the second time it was out of warranty and the store I bought it from had closed down anyway (Netatmo support were no help and just referred me back to the non existent store) . Decided to go with a better supported and cheaper option and was really glad I did as now I use the soil sensors to also control my watering system.

Which Ecowitt setup do you have? Where did you buy it? It looks like Ecowitt is pushing everything through Amazon.au?

Oh yeaahhh!... +1 for the Tempest. Best money I've ever spent on a weather station. As an aside, it's entertaining to see that on the Tempest station map, I'm the reference point for my entire city since I'm the only one in town. :astonished: The Weatherflow Lite driver works well with it. Someday I'll figure out how to keep the birds from landing on the haptic rain sensor and triggering a "torrential downpour alarm". :man_shrugging:


I got the GW1003 from Amazon.com.au I did buy the lightning sensor directly from Ecowitt as it was new and not on Amazon. I got the GW1003 as I prefer the Ultrasonic Anemometer and seperate components, I also didn't need a display as I use the wall mounted tablet that runs the HE dashboard for this as well.


I don't have a bird issue, though I have noticed sometimes when we have very heavy rain (big rain drops?) it thinks it's hail

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Ohhhh.... Thank you, sir! :clap: :+1:

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