HE Static IP breaks cloud connectivity

My linux desktop is my home network router. HE plugged into same ethernet switch as the internal network of my desktop, and desktop has a network connection to comcast on a different interface.

When the HE is in DHCP mode, things are fine - I can connect to it through its cloud connection fine. This is also using a reserved DHCP lease on my desktop.

When I configure the HE with a static IP (using the same IP it gets from DHCP) using my desktop as the router (as it also gets from DHCP) - cloud connectivity breaks. Local connectivity is fine.

When I go to the troubleshooting page in the HE and I try to ping I see the ICMP come in on my desktop's internal interface, leave its external interface, response comes back, and get forwarded back out the internal interface - but the hubitat never shows that it sees it.

Any ideas? This has to be within the HE somewhere - the network itself is fine, and at layer 2 the traffic is flowing.

(for those of you who will probably suggest to just keep the static DHCP lease: I'm building a new house and my office isn't in the main house, and I'll be installing a different true network router, where DHCP may be more of a pain, but if I need to - I will - but the static IP should just work.)

It does. Both my Hubitat hubs have static IPs (not DHCP reservations; although the IPs they use are reserved).

I wish I knew why your static IP assignment isn't working as anticipated.

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@gopher.ny Any suggestions?

@theschwartz For giggles, change auto negotiation to fixed 100 and see if that solves the issue.

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The plot thickens. For whatever reason the ping test for (regardless of network state) never shows results in the window. If I change it to a different external IP, I can see it. Now, weirdly, pinging that different external IP shows results both in DHCP and in static mode - meaning the HE can talk to the outside world - yet "Cloud connection is unavailable."

Changing it to hard 100mb had no effect.

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This does sound like DNS resolution issue. Perhaps your ISP doesn't like people using for some reason... please try different DNS services, like Cloudflare's1.1.1.1 and, Google's other public DNS IP, ot whatever your DNS server provider maintains for its customers.

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@gopher.ny Short answer: Fixed.

DNS: I don't think comcast business cares about (as I use it as a secondary) - but with that said, DHCP gives out the IP of my server for DNS, whereas I was telling HE to use in the static config.

I just changed its config to point directly to and working now, so problem solved. Dunno why the HE wasn't liking the DNS server, but that's ok - I'd rather have it use my internal one regardless.

Thanks everyone for the help!