HE need to give the birdie to Apple

I think HE just need to drop trying to get Apple certification and give Apple a birdie.

HE should just go for it and support all devices including door lock and garage door opener on Homekit. Nobody going to by HE because it's "Apple certificated" well maybe 1 or 2 would but they still would buy it if it wasn't certificated in the first place.

With all new "Homekit hub supported" hardware coming out, HE is going to have more competition to complete against when all other new hardware hub are not going for Apple certification and throwing everything at it to get into Apple ecosystem while HE may be steam rolled over trying to be one of Apple good ole boy.

Just screw Apple certification and throw everything you got into HE hub to support everything in Apple ecosystem.

Like someone is gonna buy HE because there's a nice shiny Apple certification badge on the box. LOL ....


It's the potential for Apple certification that had me give HE a try.

Not expecting respect, & not accepting grief, on that account. Just saying. . .



My ill-informed opinion about Hubitat's commercial motivations is that.... (mostly my ill-informed opinion about most commercial organisations in this space) In the end the Hubitat staff will, ideally, choose what they feel provides the most value to the most customers, weighed against what provides the most "bang-for-buck" to them commercially. That last part may sound callous when read as straight text, and maybe it is in reality as well, but that's the reality we live in. A successful Hubitat is a benefit for us all. In order for that to happen, they need to appeal to segments of the market we don't always see eye-to-eye with. But that's ok, we can co-exist, leveraging the critical mass we each provide.


Maybe I'm a little dense or confused here, but I control my door lock and garage door opener on HE from Homekit. Just use some virtual switches and simple rules. Doing it that way also allows me to put in some conditions as to when a door can be unlocked or a garage door opened.


Choosing a platform that provides options for what it can integrate with, i.e. Google, Alexa, Apple, etc, is another positive for the platform in selling itself as an agnostic offering that people can more easily integrate into their existing setup.


Yup. To me, hubitat can do virtually anything. Major bonus.


@techbill The other issue with being "non-certified" is that if something changes, everyone who is "non-certified" will be left in the lurch. This includes changing or blocking "non-certified" devices from working. This includes Home Assistant. Being certified will guarantee that the integration will be there in the long run. I certainly would rather have that then just a bandaid.


Does the virtual switches on Homekit look like a light switch or a padlock for doors and garage for garage door?

They look like a switch. But I guess if wanting them to look authentic, then that wouldn’t work for you.

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I think it’s safe to assume HE staff are more optimistic about the potential benefits of getting HomeKit certification than the OP is.


"Nobody going to by HE because it's "Apple certificated" well maybe 1 or 2"

About six months ago I was a loyal SmartThings user until their decision to kill groovy and therefore HomeKit integration made me start looking for a new hub. HE is the only real and reasonable hub that promises (?) HomeKit integration. I chose HE because of that and I'd guess there's more than one other person out there that made the same decision.


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