HE Losing communication

Recently I install on a customer's house HE C8 with about 30 switches and motion sensor. 95% are Zooz devices and the other are GE/Jasco. Every things worked well, but I have no way to configure the ROUTER (provided by the internet provider) to assigned a static IP for HE on DCHP. Is this the cause that routines and scene controllers don't work. I had to log in into the APP and go device by device turning them on and off with the all .
Thank you

I clarify that when I leave the property everything is working correctly but 1 or 2 days later routines and scene controllers stop working

Hard to tell based on your description. What is the color of the hub's LED when automations stop working?

And, what is the brand/model of the router provided by the ISP?


Thank's for the feedback. Will check that asap

If it’s all z-wave switches and sensors, and assuming your automations are all configured on the same hub, I wouldn’t expect the hub’s IP address to matter that much.

Also I’d expect the Hubitat mobile app (assuming that’s what you meant) to have trouble finding the hub if it’s IP address had changed.

So that probably wouldn’t be the first thing I’d look into.

Have you looked in the hub logs for the automations you created?


Thank you for the feedback. I was able to get it up and running without a static IP address