HE logs- how to locate a dev, app via the id?

When I view an HE log, the blue text beginning the log entry is from the device or app that made the entry.

But where in HE can I just get a list of all my dev's and apps?

I have a dev id I cannot find in my HE.

Try this in a browser:



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What @Cobra said.
Also, if you are looking at the logs page you can click on the devId that shown in blue (pic 1 below). It will filter out all the events for that one device and also highlight the device label near the top of the page (pic2).

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A small Easter egg. If you click the debug, warn info, etc it takes you to that app or or device.



Can we make an Easter egg thread? I'm gonna have to start clicking randomly to learn these hidden gems.

You mean you don't do that already???

I used to do it all the time but then I got a popup window and my pc got an STD. Times they are-a-changing.


WTH Patrick!!!! You need to share more of these. There have been so many days where I wished the link took us right to the app or device. I never thought to click on info.