HE Hub IP address not reachable

I did a search for a similar topic and the only one I found was not resolved. I noticed one of my rules was not being followed so I attempted to login to the hub to see what was going on. Unfortunately the hub was unresponsive. I did try the recommendations of the similar thread to no avail. The hub is on a static IP. What are the next steps?

Can you get to port 8081 (device_ip:8081)? This way you can reboot without having to pull the power.

Thanks for the quick reply. It turns out that despite being "super" sure the HE was on a static IP - it wasn't - and had been changed. A quick login to my router revealed the new IP - which I summarily made static. Problem solved!

Cool. I've had the same issue a few times. My router doesn't seem to support static IP so it jumps about all over the place. Irritating and I haven't worked out how to fix it yet.