HE - how to use a button to toggle a light - with different settings based on Mode

I purchased a Zigbee Tuya Scene Switch - 4 way for £11 and loving it! Just ordered another 10 of them.

Provides 4 buttons, and each button supports, using the built in Dev Driver, press, double press and long press.

Been playing with the Built in App - Button controller.

Really like the way you can set the hue lights to different settings depending upon the House Mode.

But that forces you to use the double press or long press to perform a Turn off.

I would really like to use the single press as a toggle and make the action dependent upon the house Mode.

Is the only way to do that to use the Rule Machine?

I was hoping to use the Button Controller - as far as I can tell you can't put a conditional action in.


Where did you get them from, did u use any custom drivers?

Rule Machine isn't the only way, but it's probably the easiest. Hear me out. :slight_smile: If you make a new rule with a "Button Device" trigger (not "Button"), you'll basically get the Button Controller UI you already know, but you'll have access to RM features like conditionals, which you are correct that Button Controller does not have.

But even Button Controller has some things you can do per mode without writing conditionals: set color temperature per mode, set (dimmer) level per mode, and probably a couple more. RM has these too, though RM will also let you do whatever you want per mode with conditionals instead too. If BC doesn't cut it for you, I'd try RM next.


Ali express - took 15 days to arrive but a lot cheaper than anywhere else.

Using the built in driver.

I have created a rule, imported Scenes from Hue and just linked the mode to the scene - works a charm :slight_smile:

Leaves double click and long click for other options - advance heating etc

Just arrived but no battery! :cry:

No unfortunately not, a CR2450 as I recall, they claim that shipping the battery causes shipping issues and costs so do not include a battery.

I got a slack handful from Amazon, same day delivery.

Anyone no how to print the colour white?

Should have bought white switchs!!

The only thing I can think of is a label Printer - Dymo or Brother with a clear Tape and White Ink.

But you are limited to 12mm Tape for those.

If you get stuck ping me and I will get into it - I have both Dymo and Brother Bluetooth label printers, I could run some off for you and mail them?

Thanks for offer, I probably go for red for the grey switch and have to remember what the buttons do on black.
Thought it would increase WAF but didn't think it through!

I checked and they do sell white on clear, offer remains open.

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