HE dosen't detect any devices trough my GH when linking


Just got my HE in the mail, trying to set evertying up, but having some issues with the connection between google home and hubitat.
when linking, hubitat can't seem to detect, 2 lamps, chromecast or my Xiaomi vacuum.

Did try to follow the documentation guide, but when it comes to the ''Autohorize google home API to access your hubitat Device'' part, i see no devices.

I am pretty green on all of this home automation stuff, but i wanna learn!

if it helps or tells anyone any thing, i cant seem to detect any of my Sonos speakers trough the sonos integration app aswell.

Any advice for a green automachinist?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don't have this specific Google Home problem but I've read, here, repeatedly, that maybe the Hub Registration went awry. Send an Email to Support@Hubitat.com and wait to be amazed at the response time.

The other way is to tag staff directly: @bobbyD but of course you take the risk that the tagged person is away, (illness or holiday or..)

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As to advice... well I'd start with the Hubitat videos.

It helps to see the UI in action because it often looks static and you can't see a button someone describes.. only to find the page is dynamic and changes as you add things.

It sounds like you have those devices already connected to your Google Home...is that correct? If so, Hubitat cannot detect those devices via the Google Home integration. It is designed to work the other way around. Devices paired with your Hubitat Hub can be discovered and controlled via your Google Home device.

@ogiewon is exactly right.. Hubitat is a Hub.. it goes in the middle, spokes fly out to connect various 'everythings' into one wheel (system).

Once you connect your google home, don't forget to add the devices you want to control under apps> google home> which device.

the problem is that i cant detect any devices!

this is what i should see acording to the documentation.

this is what i see when i try connecting diffrent devices.

think i need to try @csteele advice, and reach out to support. see if they can help me!

Thanks for the tips anyway! really appreciate all the help😁

Are your devices paired to your Hubitat Hub independently of Google?

If you can not control your devices directly within Hubitat’s Devices web page, they will never show up in the Hubitat Google App.

Devices <-> Hubitat <-> Google is the flow.

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