HE disconnected without reason?

Hi, today my HE was not working apparently because the buttons wasn't working, no automatic lights. I thought it was just the usb antena but no acces to dashboards or web interface either were available.

I reviewed the log but nothing appears on it, please check it your self. At 10:30am was the issue.
Any idea the cause was?

What that most likely means is that your Zigbee radio got disabled. This is usually the first piece of hardware on the hub to become unresponsive as your hub is locking up. So, I think this is more a symptom that a cause. I would begin investigating what user apps you have running and see if any of those might be consuming too many resources.

I thought the same but then I wonder why dashboard or web interface were iresponsive as well if they do'nt use the Zigbee radio.

As user apps just use two:

  • At Home Simulator (this one is used once in a while...)
  • Timed Switch Helper (this one is very simple... I don't think be the problem)

As user Driver:

  • Custom WU Driver
  • LANnouncer Alerter (currently not use at all)
  • VLC Thing
    These driver had been there for a long time without any issue.

Any advise?