HE controlled window air conditioner?

I'm new to home automation and HE. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in.

Does anyone know if a window air conditional unit on the market will work with a HE?

I don't know if the ones marked as wifi enabled and compatible with Google/Alexa will work with HE. Thanks,


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There are at least a couple ways to integrate a window air conditioner with Hubitat. Both of them involve purchasing a window unit that has an IR (infrared) remote (most units do).

In the first method, you could use a Remotec z-wave/IR extender (ZXT-120) to control the window unit. There is a built-in driver for the ZXT-120.

In the second method, you can get a Broadlink IR device (like the RM mini3) to control the window unit. There is a community integration by @cybrmage for Broadlink devices.

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I like this theme

In the third method, you can buy a cheep analog unit, plug it into a smart plug, set it on high (set it and forget it!) Now you have air conditioner on/off control via plug/HE. Proof of concept :laughing:

In the forth method, you could use one of those WiFi units with ifttt but they will not talk to HE directly. I have not done this, only theory.

And welcome to HE!

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