HE becomes non responsive after 30 seconds

New to the smart home technologies. I have had the HE for a couple of weeks and have added 9 motion sensors and 10 sengled bulbs. Had 6 rooms setup for the lights to come on with the motion sensors. All was working good.

Beginning this week I added 2 Inovelli switches, 1 LZW31-SN and 1 LZW30-SN. Thursday morning the LZW31-SN was in an infinite loop with button 2 being pushed and all other actions quit working.
Here is a 1/2 second of the log.

Happened again this morning and had to pull the power to get the HE to respond.

Now if I power cycle the HE I only have access for 30 seconds and none of the motion work. At this point I don't know what to do.

Any help is appreciated.

Contact support@hubitat.com, I suspect your HE has database corruption because you've pulled the power on it a couple times.

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To add to the above, if you feel a restart is necessary, try http://<hubip>:8081 first (so the regular address but port 8081, a special diagnostic interface) rather than a hard reboot, which can further complicate problems.

If you have any custom apps or drivers besides the Inovelli drivers (which I'm assuming you installed unless you're using generic drivers for those), you would also do well to try disabling or removing them to see if it helps. Runaway custom code can cause problems like you describe. If all you have are the Inovelli drivers, they are unlikely culprits (I don't think anyone has reported problems with them, and I've looked at the code a lot myself trying to figure out how to modify it to suit my needs).

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I think I would try tripping the breaker to that switch and see if the problem stops (I assume it will) then go to "devices" in the web ui and click the box to the left of the device to disable it. You will have to click the area in the upper righthand corner where you can see the red X on my screenshot to show the boxes to disable devices. Then turn the breaker back on, unless you have decided to remove and stomp on the switch. After this, bring up a second browser window with your live logs and uncheck the box to see what happens. You may have to disable it again, but if you aren't able to, you can turn it off again at the breaker so it can't send to the hub.

It might be simpler to pull the air-gap switch along the bottom edge... I know some GE's airgap doesn't disable the radio, but I think everyone else does it 'right.'


Thatโ€™s what I was worried about. Iโ€™m not familiar with Inovelli devices.

Thanks for the suggestions. I did throw the breaker to the switches and still had problems with the HE. Not being familiar with the switches I took the sledge hammer approach and removed them from the circuit. That did not seem to resolve the non-responsiveness of the HE.
Left the HE powered off for a few hours. When I powered it back on I deleted the scenes I had created to work with the Inovelli switches. The reason I deleted the scenes, it was one of the last things I did before things became unstable. Also a few days earlier I had to delete some scenes to fix the NULL name in trying to create a Motion Light App.

I did get some SQL timeouts as I was deleting the scenes. Just sat back and waited and everything did get deleted.

At this time everything is working back to pre Inovelli switch install. Not really sure what the issue was but looks to be a combination of a run away switch and me pull power to the HE. Going forward I am going to setup a test environment and move forward a little slower.

Thanks All

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Bravo! Very good game plan. Itโ€™s always best to start slow and get your bearings so there is less to undo if you make a mistake, and also so you can know what caused the problem when things fo wrong. Iโ€™m glad to hear you are back up and running.