Having trouble with sensative Sensors and Siren 6

I am starting to set up my hub and I am using Sensative slim sensors and Aeotec siren 6. The first part I am working on is I am in need for the front door to chime when opened. And for the life of me I can not figure out how to make this work. I have tried Basic rule, Rule machine and others and feel I am close but also feel I am so far away.
I will be adding 12 more windows to this to be on "alarm" when opened. Once I figure out the first one I feel the rest will go easier.
Thanks in advance

I used rule machine with:
A required expression ensuring only triggered in the day
(may or may not be wanted)
The trigger event, in this case an acceleration event occurring and staying that way for a second or a motion detector detecting motion
(but for you it would be the appropriate change of state of your sensor)
The action to run
A chime event on the Aotec, (in this instance number one, but whatever is wanted and of course varying that between trigger events can identify the trigger source).
One thing to note is that the Aotec, if rapidly retriggered several times in succession, may lock up, so the logic used in rule machine may need to prevent that