Having trouble with conditions

I have a rule set to send a series of notifications to our Sonos for our kids online school (reminders that breaks are over,etc), starting at 8:32am. The actions execute fine, but the rule isn’t paying attention to my conditions and I can’t figure out why. I’m assuming it’s because I’m a newb and the HE is likely mocking me, but thought I’d check for other potential rational

I have 2 conditions set. One is that the day is mon-fri. The other is tied to GCal and indicates that it must. It be a stat holiday or PA day.

So, yesterday was a PA day, and the actions executed regardless. I figured I needed to fix my GCal setup. However, today (Saturday), the actions executed again. Regardless of whether the GCal condition is correct, shouldn’t the Mon-Fri condition block the rule? See pic below for condition status on Saturday.

This didn’t happen when my only condition was Mon-Fri. I assumed conditions are not dependent upon one another - that is, the rule checks all the conditions independently prior to running the actions. Am I wrong? Or how else might I be screwing this up???

Thanks in advance!

Please read this post on Manage or Create Conditions

To apply these to your rule, you need to add them using a conditional action.


Conditions are confusing at first. As described by Bruce in the link, once it has been « built », it needs to be added to an If/Else/Endif condition.

Were you able to update the rule to use the conditions?

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So HE was mocking me lol. Thanks guys got it it figured out. I must have had days of the week as a conditional action in the past. I’ll be honest, the conditions setup in Rule Machine is a bit weird for me. Oh well all figured out


I had the same issue when I first started. RM could use a little tweaking hint hint. :slight_smile:


It's fine - I knew what I was getting into with HE and that creating rules would take some practice, especially when I have a tendency to just wing it. I'm willing to trade off easy-of-use for robustness. However, I'm not sure what HE's longer term plans are, but they've got a lot of UI work to do if they want to go after larger markets.

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