Having trouble connecting my new Hubitat Elevation C-7 I get an IP Message reads refused to connect

Having trouble connecting my new Hubitat Elevation C-7 I get an IP Message reads refused to connect. Has anyone had this problem? Can you help me? Thanks Howard

Welcome to the Hubitat forums, sorry you are having trouble.

First off, you should have a green light on the hub, do you?

How are you trying to access the hub? Phone, computer? 127.xxx.xxx is not a valid IP address. It likely should be 192.xxx.xxx if your network is fairly typical.

If you go into your internet router, can you see any devices in the MAC address listing of devices that start with 34:E1:D1? That is the hub. Take note of the IP address there, and try typing that address into a browser.


Yes, I have a green light on the hub.
I have tried to access the hub using my computer and also using my iPhone Pro Max 12 with the same results.
I don't know why its coming up with this IP starting with 127. You are correct all of my IP's start with 192
I will try to contact the person that setup my router and see what he says.
Is there a way to change the IP address that is coming up know in the Hubitat C-7?

I would try a couple things.

  • If you have another ethernet cable, swap it out and see if you can connect to the hub.
  • Reboot the router. In most cases, it should be OK to just power cycle it.
  • There is a network reset button on the bottom of the hub, hold that for at least 7 seconds and see if that (maybe also do the router power cycle) gets you a valid IP address. (see below picture)
  • Be sure the hub is on the same network as your computer/phone. Guest networks and so on can prevent you from accessing the hub.
  • You can also try try http://hubitat.local and http://hubitat-2.local and see if this gets you anywhere, but likely it won't work if you are getting a 127.xxx.xxx address.

The reset button did the trick! I was able to get a valid IP starting with 192. Thanks!
I was able to connect.
My iPhone is telling me that the Hubitat Dashboard is not installed on my Hub.
Can you tell me how to install the Dashboard?

The dashboard is not populated by default. You need to build a dashboard. But first, you must have devices on the hub.

I would start here, and see if any of these help get you going. There is a section how to add devices. Getting Started - Hubitat Documentation

Their Youtube videos are also very helpful. https://www.youtube.com/c/Hubitat/videos In particular, these are probably the first couple you should watch.

You can always come back to get help with specific devices if needed.

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Thanks again!
OK, I'll start with these YouTube Videos

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If at any time pairing z-wave devices you get a failed pairing, stop. Check your z-wave details page for an entry that has nothing in the routing column and remove it. Then factory reset the device and attempt pairing again. You don't want ghosts in your mesh.