Having that twitch again

I’ve got that itch for an update. What do you say awesome HE staff? Release 2.0.6 soon? Here’s to hoping my luck is still good for the community. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Scratch if :joy::rofl:

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--------------------------- 2.06 ------------------------


Obviously you guys didn't read all the posts on this forum! @mike.maxwell hinted on one of the post. I am not telling you guys LOL.

Early next week right? Sunday is start of the week right?

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I heard January 2021.

Early next week is in 2 hours in my timezone (us central).


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Hub update 2.0.6 is not showing up in my system? Is there a problem or is it rolling out in waves???

Are you looking under Setting->Check for Updates?
If it's not showing there, then a hub reboot might be in order.

@stephack I will try that thanks.

I didn't have the little icon in the corner of the screen but when I checked for the update, it was there.

Yea I try the update and it kept telling me that there is no update available?

Weird. I just updated my two hubs with that method. Maybe it takes some time to replicate to all servers.

Yeah...this issue is posted often enough (happened to me once as well). A reboot of the hub usually takes care of it.

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@stephack rebooting the hub fix it. Thanks

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