Haven lock Z wave

Z wave version coming up:



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I was going to post last night, but ran out of time...

As some of you know from previous posts I have a physical security team at my company that tests breach capability on some things for rescue training.

While I have no experience with Haven, I do have experience with very similar non-smart devices like that. And from testing I've witnessed directly, they can be VERY effective.

Not as useful if you have a door that has a significant window in it (as I've seen breach attempts simply snap them in 2 in the middle) but with any solid door it should dramatically improve breach resistance.

And it can't be "picked" via traditional methods.

The downside, obviously, is you have to be ok with this apparatus on your door sill.

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Thanks for posting this. I followed the development and testing for this for the first couple of years and made suggestions to them for home automation use before the initial product release. I didnโ€™t buy the product due to lack of integration and when you needed a another hub to communicate, I was done. That said, I preordered this one and I am glad to see the development led down this path anyway! Now @bcopeland will have another driver added to his request list!

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So you're sending him a free lock???? COOL!!! :slight_smile:


I poked the company to see if they would be interested in sending a sample for a driver..


@bcopeland... Suspecting you didn't get said free sample. My unit arrived today and is installed. No driver for it though!

Since you are "The Man", wanna whip something up real quick? It's a simple device....

Manual here with Z-Wave details (Page 10-15):


The trouble with this is they will just break a window instead. Unless you have bars on all the windows, and a security door, this is a solution looking for a problem in most residential settings.

It uses โ€œdoor_lockโ€ cc.. Try generic z-wave lock

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I already did. No luck there. Plus it has PIN Codes and other irrelevant commands. It has an accelerometer etc too.

3M security film applied to the windows mostly solves that problem

Anyone get a driver built for this? I ran across this product and was considering buying one, and just wondering if there's a device handler yet. Thanks!

I'm about to pull on one myself. Did you get yours working yet?

No I have not. I stopped troubleshooting and I am waiting for the pairing fix on the C7 to be released so I can change to that hardware and try since I will not be converting and will just start over.

I have one of these and love it. I've used it for a few months with SmartThings with no issues. I'm moving over to Hubitat and I ended up here. I haven't gotten anything to work yet, but I've noticed the smartthings driver is listed as "Zwave lock without codes". That driver is built in so it's not easily retrievable to my knowledge. I suspect it could be rather easily ported if obtained.

Okay, I had quite a bit of trouble pairing, but that seems to be the norm with these S2 locks. Once I got it paired, Hubitat detected it as RGBgenie Micro Switch ZW-4004. No idea why. I switched the device to Generic Zwave Lock and manually cycled the lock a few times. I can lock/unlock the device via hubitat, and I get lock/unlock status as well as battery percentage. That's all this lock does. Yes, there are some additional features present in the device screen that this lock doesn't support, but it does indeed work. I suppose you could take the Generic Zwave Lock driver and remove the code related functions and have the "Zwave lock without codes" driver that SmartThings was using. That might be nice, but it would just be a housecleaning exercies with no effect on functionality, best I can tell.

As for the device itself, I love it, and as for the debate about whether or not its a necessary or useful security device, here's where I stand. I'm not trying to keep you out necessarily. If you want to get in, then you'll get in. However, this device will force you to make more noise coming in. I might not hear you pick a lock, but i'll hear you break a window, which gives me enough time to react. All I need is just a small amount of time, and the encounter swings dramatically in my favor.