Have three story house, have 2 C7s and 1 C8. Best set up?

My house is about 5700 sq ft or so. Using a single C-7 didn't quite provide coverage from middle of house to farthest extreme in the basement. So I added another and initially set up as mesh, with some devices paired to bottom floor hub, and rest paired to middle floor hub (top floor and middle floor were all paired to middle floor).

Adding Apple HomeKit integration (with the few others I have) caused the middle hub to report that it was overloaded (not sure the exact message but Triangle ! icon from same area that shows when upgrades are available )

So, turned off mesh, and disconnected all of the bottom floor zwave and zigbee devices from the mix and removed a number of devices that were shared into Homekit and was finally able to get it to be stable and not continue to show overloaded. Wasn't what I wanted but got things stable.

When I heard about the C8 and it having external antennas, thought maybe this would fix thing, at least from the signal distance (I do have more zigbee and Wave devices set in-between the Hubitat and the farthest devices, but not sure that they all can act as bridges). I did the migration and am now fighting just getting the C8 on-line with HomeKit (but I've posted that as another topic)

With 2 C7's and 1 C8, I'm trying to figure out what's the best way to utilize them. In the bottom floor I have some zigbee door sensors, a Rheem Wifi Hot Water heater, and a Z-wave home water shut off valve. I can move a hub into the utility room where the Hot water heater and water shutoff are, as that's where some house ethernet hubs are.

In the middle floor, a bunch more zigbee door/window sensors, 2 Schlage Z-wave door locks, a number of zwave in-wall switches (and a couple outlets) along with some plug in power plugs, etc.

Top floor is mostly zigbee door sensors along with at least one in wall z-wave outlet. I have a number of water sensors still to be re-connected into the mix (on all three floors) but haven't bothered with them til I get the hub arrangement sorted AND the Homekit issues sorted.

(BTW, I DID have all these devices connected and bridged into Homekit with SmartThings, but got fed up with the "which language are we going to settle on" that broke a number of integrations and caused developers to jump to Hubitat -- I'm happy with the Hubitat device, just haven't been able to get back to where I was with the SmartThings Hub)

I'm open, at this point, to starting over from scratch, or re-pair the other devices with the middle floor hub (with the external antennas) -- the smart things hub I had before I went to Hubitat was able to reach from end-to-end in the house (and top to bottom) so I know it's physically possible with zwave/zigbee.

The hubs have hard-wired ethernet (it's easily accessible on all three floors). Not planning on using Wifi for the C8. I bought it mostly because of the antennas.

Should I just focus on the C8? Will C7's be able to act as "extenders" of some sort without mesh? I didn't have a great experience with Mesh turned on with HomeKit.... I'm trying to get back to where I was with the SmartThings hub and thought with 3 hubs I should be able to extend and handle more devices....

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I have a 5600 sq ft 3 story american 4 square. My c8 is on the second floor in the middle of the house. Everything works well and all but one devices pairs straight to the hub without hops.


c8 is a beast! :slight_smile:

I am testing going to do more testing with the C8 to see if it can cover the whole house, however I do HAVE 2 C7's that would site idle. After setting up the C8 the other day, I did leave the Rheem Hot Water Tank, and Z-wave whole-house water shut off valve on one of the C7's. I did this, since it was already downstairs and close to these two devices (and they're in a utility room that has 2 concrete walls, and a bunch of HVAC equipment that causes interference, so thought having another hub would help (I didn't mesh it to the other hub, just added it as a second Homekit hub).

I have a 3 floor 5600 sqft house (4 floors with finished basement). Dome water cutoff in the basement.. My hub is located centrally on the second floor and performs wonderfully. Was great with the c7, even better with the c8. All but one device at the moment routes straight to the hub.

Mine is similar. What did you do with the old C-7? It just sits in a box?

I have it in my office for bench testing devices... I have a detached garage we're rebuilding and my other c7 will likely go in there (Depends though as the two Ring outdoor sensors on either side of the garage pair directly to the hub and they're almost a 100 ft away from the hub through 2 course brick and two interior walls) for the garage door opener and some sensors and the door lock..

I had started running into "hub load elevated and severe" messages.. and it was annoying as heck.. so the way I have setup mine is using 4 C-7s I have divided my house into left and right halves.. and put 1 C7 in the middle level on the left half and 1 C7 on the middle floor of the right half.
I Keep both the C-7s on separate frequencies for zigbee on each hub and WiFi. The 3rd hub is used for the LAN/Wifi/cloud devices or integrations like TP-link/Kasa wifi Devices, Samsung appliances through smartthings api, cloud sprinkler controller etc etc..
and my 4th one is the "MAIN" hub where all devices converge.. both the 3rd and 4th hub have both zigbee/zwave turned off, and use the Hub-Mesh only

I try to keep all the rules on the hub that has most of the switches/devices/motion sensors...
but many rules are on the main hub, which has all the (hub mesh) devices..
This has helped me to "modularize" it in the sense that when I had to go nuclear option, I had to only re-pair half my devices, while the other half kept working just fine.. It also helped keeping the load on each of the hubs to under 3-5% on devices and apps..

Keeping all the cloud/external devices on a separate hub has helped when randomly sometimes the cloud integrations stop working or go into overdrive etc, dont bog down the whole thing.. just that hub.. without too much heart burn...
Another thing, I have is monitoring on the main hub that monitors the other hubs.. and informs me, if it sees something off.. and I can then take a look etc..

Since I divided the workload to multiple hubs, I haven't gotten hub load severe/elevated .. Especially, when an alarm is blaring due to HSM, and if the hub is not responding or very slow to load the dashboard .. due to overload is crazy annoying.. and has ZERO Spouse Acceptance Factor ..