Have switch turn off x minutes after turning on - no availble in Simple Automation?

I want to set a timer for a switch so that it turns off after being on for 20 minutes. I thought I'd be able to do that in Simple Automation app, as I have done in Smartr Lighting in ST. However, I can't find that option - the time options I see are to use a specific time of day, or sunrise/sunset, no relative timer option.

Is this only possible in Rule Machine? Thanks!

Correct, rule machine, or your own app.

Maybe this Simple Switch timer?

Or this?

Both available for easy installation through the excellent Hubitat Package Manager app if you haven't tried that yet.


Excellent, thanks, @neonturbo.

I find Rule Machine a bit clumsy for a simple rule like this, like killing a fly with a bazooka. I'll give those a look...I have been using HPM, but sometimes forget to browse it when I'm looking for a capablity. Never had anything as nice on ST for finding community apps...


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