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I've followed everything that @jeubanks posted (below) and everything worked perfectly. However, about 2 weeks ago, HA no longer communicated to hubitat. I've troubleshooted and find that hubitat communicates to HA and the HA overview shows the correct state for the switch. Both physical and changing the state in hubitat works. However, if I change the state of the switch in HA, the mqtt add-on in HA shows the message, but there's nothing in hubitat, so the switch does not change state. Like I said before, it was working fine, but now, without doing anything other than a hubitat update, it's only communicating in one direction. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Did you get it working? I recently setup Hubitat. It's ok so far. But I really like HASS.IO interface, app, and configuration options. So I thought I would try hooking them up together. I have the add-on mosquito MQTT running on hass, and would hope we could tie Hubitat into that. I see several posts about ways to make them communicate. I am hoping it would not require a separate MQTT Bridge installed somewhere

MQTT is on its way

... it’s all going to get a lot easier too. No external bridge required.

thanks for the reply. I am hoping the app and MQTT work out!

Lets hope :slight_smile:

I got fed up with it so I said screw it. Took the USB module and plugged it into my pi running hass.io and added all of my components as zwave devices. Now I don't have to worry about a bridge to communicate 2 directions, it just works. Ended up giving away my hubitat to a friend that wanted to experiment with it. I wouldn't doubt that what's actually inside the hubitat is a little pi. Pretty much what you're paying for is the case and the software. Don't get me wrong, hubitat, isolated from Hass, worked perfectly fine. I just prefer Hass interface. No hard feelings, just wish I spent $10 on the USB module instead of $100 on hubitat.

Whatever suits... you're not paying as such just for a little 'pi' (BTW it isn't actually) but all the hard work and effort that went into creating it, and then the ongoing support and development. Pretty sure profit will be tight at Hubitat - but when you're competing head on with major name companies in the market at such low prices that's what you have to do.

I'm loving Hubitat currently - it's becoming so capable, really pleased with recent development. Yes I also use Home Assistant, mainly for the UI but all my daily automation routines are on Hubitat. The announced MQTT support will make integrating very convenient.

Sounds like it wasn't for you although you seem to have only made a couple of posts...

It's not. Go look at the FCC pictures of the inside of it. :wink:

This is great to know as I just picked up a Hubitat Evolution as I have been using a Wink Hub 2 for Z-Wave and Zigbee devices with my Hassio setup which is running in Hyper-V since I cant use a USB stick with Hyper-V and this thing is super fast compared to the Wink Hub and also so much more advanced capabilities. This is the best solution for people using Hyper-V to get Z-Wave and Zigbee support.

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