Has Zigbee won over Zwave then?

Today it was announced that Apple, Google and Amazon have teamed up to use the Zigbee protocol. So will this be the death of Zwave?

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This was actually announced yesterday and has been discussed in a few threads:

And I'm not really sure it will "use Zigbee." Sounds like it could be a layer on top?

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I wouldn’t hold your breath .. From what I read on the group it is still a mess.. It’s not going to be 1 standard... But a group of standards... And not every vendor will support all.. So it sounds like the same old .. :man_facepalming:

I'm going to predict this group will likely not develop a "better" standard, only one they can make money from.

How a problem is approached will determine the value of the results.

  • A group of smart folks trying to make the best system for smart things will get one result.
  • An equally smart group of folks trying to dominate and make more profit will get another result.