Has anyone used ther own router with Fios tv and got ALL the features

99% of moca adapter methods you lose remote dvr and such. The only way to keep 100% functions is to use the Fios router but connect it to the lan port on your own router. But then you have to do something ( I don’t know what) so the Fios router communicates to the stbs then back to your router so u can use the Fios app. Anyone know what that is?
I already own the Fios router and I know u can get 90% functions by just using it as moca, but I’d like 100% functionality

Thank you

Edit: this is the “guide” I’d follow, I still don’t understand it https://community.ui.com/questions/Unifi-with-Fios-TV-One-Setup-New-Build/4a4da01f-be73-4fbb-9eb5-d5a970eaf951

What are you trying to do? Are your just setting up a unifi mesh?

One usg, one 8 port switch and one unifi ap. I’m a noob, is that a mesh?

You need more than 1 AP for a mesh. Which Unifi AP are you using?

What are you trying to accomplish with the USG?

Look at section 3.1 here:

Verizon FiOS FAQ | DSLReports, ISP Information?

Probably a nano hd or 2. 2200 sqft home

Ok, that is a nice unit. At 2200 sqft you may be able to get away with 1, but be prepared for 2. I'm not trying to be nosey, but what are you trying to accomplish with the USG? Is there something specific that you want to do with it that your Fios router won't do?

Not really. The Fios router just needs to be reset like every 3 days and I’m sick of it. I’m also buying used so $200? It’s not too much for stability IMO

Which FiOS router do you have? I've had several over the years, and none have had to be rebooted/reset. If you search, you'll find that the FiOS routers are very stable and can run for years. It's highly likely that yours may be defective, or you have some other type of FiOS issue, if you need to reset it that often.

G1100. Thx

Same here. That router should not be giving you this many issues.

If it were me, I would not get the USG. They are great devices, but it sounds likely overkill for your situation. If you need more ports than what the Fios router has, a POE switch with a few more ports than what you currently need is what I would get. Other wise the nanohd/s is all you might need. Now hook the the AP to the router or switch and configure it using the Unfi instructions. Now login to your Fios router and turn off wifi. At this point you may be done. The problem with your router may be the wifi. If not, then get a new (to you) Fios router off of ebay they are about $60. I have one and have only rebooted once in 4 years. Putting your Fios router on a battery backup that has voltage reglation in it helps quite a lot as well, because small voltage drops cause lock ups. I'm a network administrator, and run a Unifi mesh at work, and really like their stuff. That said, at home I use a Fios quantium gateway, Unifi AP AcPro, Unifi Mesh Access Point and a Unifi cloud key for easy remote administration.

Thank you. I’ll do that first and try

I would add, If you also have frequent pixelation on tv/s your OTN or it's power supply could be the problem. I had the old style power supply with the built in battery back up go bad once. It caused all kinds of frequent, yet intermittent issues.

Thx. If I wanted the best shot at 1 ap instead of 2, which should I get. I saw a 2 pack of ac lr for $100 on eBay. I missed it :cry:

I really like the AcPro it has fantastic coverage. Of course floor plan, building materials and interference from other networks may make another AP necessary.

I asked this in OP’s other recent thread too but I think this is worth thinking about.

I outfitted my new house with a UXG-Pro and some WiFi 6 APs. As someone with, at best, intermediate level skills when it comes to setting up an IP network, it is definitely not without its downsides.

I have a FiOS gigabit connection but don’t use their TV services, so I simply unplugged the G1100 that Verizon setup when they installed my service. However, mine worked just fine too up until that point, so @frmWink2Hubitat I agree with others, something might actually be wrong with yours if it acts that unstable at baseline.

I have been running my own firewall (Untangle) directly connected to the FiOS ONT (Onsite Network Terminal = small black box) for about a year now. My FiOS App "works", even though it's a crummy app! As well everything else. To set it up 100% you just need their router on the inside to direct the STBs out.

Before doing this make sure you internal LAN is not 192.168.1.X If it is change it, or this will not work without extra steps.

Wiring wise it goes Fiber from Verizon to the ONT. Cat6 from the ONT your your firewall (USG) WAN port. From USG LAN > Switch > FiOS router WAN port (white jack). Your FiOS network will be subnetted behind the USG at this point. The Coax from the FiOS router should be connect to your cox splitter or any open wall jack. That will enable FiOS MOCA on all jacks allow the boxes to get to the router and back out to the internet.

I changed my mind again. I’m going to keep it simple. A Fios g1100. 2 unifi aps. 1 direct from the router one from a Mocs 2.o bonded adapter.