Has anyone taken a look at the beauty rest api?


I wonder is it has presence detection. It has an alexa integration so it has to have an api, correct?

As far as I can tell there is no open API -- it would take someone to sniff the traffic but I don't think its possible.

Thank you

I have 2 of these, Beauty Rest. Would love it if it could integrate as a sleep pad but not sure if at all possible. I also have a Withings sleep pads that I use for detection in the beds. But the Beautyrest is hands down a better performer with its analysis and it is rock solid. Pretty much just get our report in the morning. I have had the BR for 2 years and have had to do nothing to it. Got a little double sided tape to get the hub/unit secured on the baseboard and some zip ties on the railing for wires so Roomba does not eat it up. Withings, I get decent results but I have had issues with at least 2 of them dying on me. They got stuck in a calibration cycle. I like Withings and have many products and their support has been fair.

Unfortunately, most companies do not provide an open api. To my knowledge the only sleep pad that does is Withings. While all these vendors HAVE an API if they're using Alexa, that doesn't mean they open it up to the world. So it's the same answer, unfortunately, as when you asked about the Eight sleep sensor... someone needs to reverse engineer the app.

Sometimes that's easy (the one I built for Rheem Econet took me about 20 hours) sometimes it's super hard like Kohler DTV+ which took me closer to 150 hours... Hard to say without looking and without a device in hand to play with.

Also, any time we use an unofficial API like this we run the risk of them breaking it. I had a fully working Rheem EcoNet integration. Then Rheem 100% changed it and I had to rewrite the whole thing. It's the risk you take.

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Man, this sleep thing sux. Thank you

Is there a reason why you don't want the Withings pad? It's working great. It just has seemed like you're trying to find more of a lesser known solution. Care to share what you don't like about the Withings?

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I already have the eight and have the Beautyrest. Money is tight right now and I was trying to avoid buying something new.

Also I’m looking at the contact sensor\pressure mat because I ONLY need presence. I already WASTED like $1000 on this Beautyrest base, so I have all the “tracking” I need

Understood, that's fair. I'm just worried you're heading down roads that will lead to waste. I've seen people have success with the pressure mat. However, I know every pressure mat I've seen says that having constant pressure will cause it to fail and become inaccurate (or stop working entirely). So you're running the risk of now a 3rd sensor that won't meet your needs. Maybe it will work, but also a chance it won't.

To my knowledge the only sleep sensor integrated with HE is the Withings. Just about anything CAN be integrated, but it requires a lot of time and it's incredibly hard when you don't have a device in hand.

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