Has Anyone Seen the Hue Natural Light Scene Option and Tried It?

I read that Hue some time ago tried to release a Natural Light option, attempting to match the lighting to the current natural light conditions. Apparently it has started rolling out again. Has anyone seen it turn up in their Hue App and given it a try? Sounds like it may still be early days...

If you want to wakeup to 6500K, then it’s spot on. I’ll be sticking with Apple’s Adaptive Lighting, which is supported by Homebridge V2 and is much more like circadian lighting.

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Depends what time you wake up :wink:

I had heard the early efforts were hit and miss... Was hoping things had improved.

I have set it up the other day, but didn't pay attention to how it actually works. :slight_smile: It sounds cool though.

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It’s nothing new though. I still have a similar automation with Hue scenes (added to Hubitat scenes) setup in Motion Lighting and “scenes restricted by mode”. I’ve transitioned everything else to Adaptive Lighting because it’s very nice to have the CT increase with the level and vice versa.


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