Has anyone found the fan picos at a decent price?

I know I can use light picos but I want fan ones for the guest rooms. I NEED 1. Strongly want 3, but want 5.

$40 vs $12 for just an engraving seems steep

I've never seen any for cheaper than that (actually, I did find one as "open box" on Amazon, but when I got it: lo and behold, it was a light Pico, likely something an unscrupulous customer swapped out and returned).

If you're not opposed to using a labelmaker (or just don't mind the light engraving in the first place), as you know, any Pico would work. :slight_smile:


Amazon has them for $30 USD... a little cheaper than the $40 you mentioned in the original post.

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Thank u ..I’ll bite, but doesn’t $30 seem kind of high considering…

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The beauty of Lutron, is that it will all 'just work'. You won't regret spending a little more in the end. I still say that my Lutron Lighting System, is the best Home Automation hardware investment I have made. Worth every penny, to me!

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No, it’s a question of scale. Lutron sells a lot more of the regular Picos than the fan or audio or shade versions. But the cost of engraving them isn’t correspondingly lower …..