Has anyone found a solution to a bedroom clock who's default backlight is off

then I can put a button on my nightstand to turn it on? I can't sleep with light. Thank you

If you could figure out a way to change device settings on an Echo Show from a routine, then you could do that. I haven’t found a way yet. But you can tell Alexa to “turn display off” and it goes completely black. This is unlike what other people say can be done to make the Show usable in a room for someone sensitive to light.

Update: As soon as I posted, it occurred to me that Alexa custom actions were now available, and yes, you can turn off .. completely off .. the Echo Show display from a routine, which means you could trigger same from Hubitat. You could probably trigger "show clock" with a button.

Caveats: I have only Echo Show 8s which won't do a full-screen clock (just a home screen with smaller clock in the corner), but the 5s do. Also, once in a while the Show will do something like apply an update in the middle of the night and the screen will come on (dim), but that is not frequent.

I'm weird but i don't trust tech like that in my bed room. thx tho

You could try a Sonos One. The “SL” model is microphone free. Never tried playing an audio file to it but see options to “play track” in Hubitat. In theory you could even create a rule so if any of the 3 top buttons are pressed while your “alarm” audio file is playing to snooze or turn off the alarm.