Has anyone bought a meater +

I did because I was bored, lol. Cool iot device https://meater.com/

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I backed it on kickstarter. Great customer support. Only complaint would be that mine tends to overcook slightly but I just adjust the finished temp down about 10 deg.

Yup, got it. Mostly love it. I never thought to calibrate it to check accuracy...

$99 still? i may try and make a driver for h.e

I thought I recall reading @codahq was working on a driver but I could be remembering incorrectly

I think I may try to as my intro app

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You would need the Meater Block to do it without something that talks Bluetooth in the middle. Hubitat doesn't speak Bluetooth and the probes only speak Bluetooth. With the block I think there may be a local WiFi protocol to the block and then, of course, the cloud API. I haven't spent anytime reversing anything yet.

I've been following this GitHub though that is working on reversing the Bluetooth communication.

It's on my list but I don't know when I'll get to it.

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Absolutely love my Meater. Have never had an issue with accuracy though. Kind of magic how I end up with absolutely perfectly cooked meat every time I've used it. It's great that they teach people about letting the meat rest. Pains me to watch someone cut into a well cooked piece of meat before the tissue has had a chance to relax and let the juices flow.

We're still talking home automation, right? :rofl:

You don't really need the plus if you have a spare phone around. I use an old iPhone 5 for the Bluetooth connection to the Meater and then just connect to their cloud service. When I'm doing a long cook, it lets me leave and monitor it from anywhere (pre-COVID19). I've never had any reliability issue with the cloud, but a raspberry pi with local integration would be useful I guess. Honestly don't know how I would use it though.

I often connect my second phone to my Echo (the one that's connected to the Meater via cloud connection) so I get a louder notification and that works very well. I love to BBQ and this is for sure one of my all time favorite gadgets.

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I only got the + because I sound one for $60 new on eBay. I mainly sous vide steaks though


As for a use to get it onto h.e, there’s plenty for me.

  1. Homekit
  2. Turn off “oven” when meat reaches x temperature

Manly I just want it in my homekit via Homebridge

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On my list of APIs to RE is also the Anova for the classic WiFi/Bluetooth model before they started selling them separately as two different models... so much disappointment for Anova but I still use their cooker.

Well, since I have my smoker connected to HE I can turn off a cook when the temperature hits. But... my smoker already has a probe built into it. I have a rule that speaks the temperature every 10 minutes so I can listen to the progress though. Again for the GMG probe. I wouldn't mind having the 4 probes from my Meater Block available though so I could report a high temperature and a low temperature every 10 minutes to know whether or not I need to move the meat. My smoker has a dead zone I can't avoid sometimes if the cook is a brisket or something huge.

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I was interested in that at one point, but it takes something from the finished product. I just prefer the traditional method myself.

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Whoa, whoa! Shots fired! :slight_smile: I feel adequately qualified to speak on this since I sous vide, smoke and grill constantly. Sous vide definitely has its place and CAN take away from the finished product if you don't FINISH it correctly.

I often sous vide something only to torch it (searzall) right after, OR grill it very quickly OR... sometimes I smoke it super low and then do one of the other "finishing moves". Sous vide is not a finishing method though. So... it's all in the after bath preparation.


:joy: It's just a personal preference. I know all about the finishing and I've had it prepared for me by pros. I'll leave further debate for a grilling forum (but you won't find me there :wink:).


Guys, I'm trying to lose weight. 7kg so far and it's been quite tough. And 7kg to go and still my BMI is over what it should be, sigh. All this talk of food (especially steak dinner) at 11 pm here is making me hungry! Damn you! :hot_face:

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If you're trying to lose weight, stay away from Sous Vide. I have the perfect try-fecta for me. Smoke first (masterbuilt 30) Sous vide (Anova) then finish on grill or cast iron pan(most of the time)
Works best on tough cuts of meat, like round roast or tri-tip if cooked for long time (like 20 hours) . most impossible to over cook.

Oh look, a butterfly. (Having trouble staying on topic)

AMEN! I currently have pork ribs going for dinner tonight. Put them in yesterday at noon so 36 hour bath. That same 36 hour bath can turn a tough flank steak into a tender delicious piece of meat and is our favorite thing to do. BUT, the key is finishing. I just do 2 minutes/side on the hottest grille possible to sear everything in. Also, sous vide can give meat an unusual color.

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You can lose a lot of weight by eating protein, but you must not eat carbs. Eating a lot of proteins and carbs is how you will gain a lot of weight. Stay away from things like simple carbohydrates. No rice, no potatoes, no root vegetables.

A physician friend and her family eats this way and has been for years (with certain nutritional limits regarding her two teenage boys). They are all very healthy and the two adults initially lost a significant amount of weight. There are limits to the weight loss, though. My wife ate this way for some time and she too noted that the weight loss is tremendous at first, but does plateau after about 6 months or so.

So, can we get back to talking about home automation related stuff now? :rofl:

I wonder if there is an api for MEATER+ so I can build a driver for it to have my house tell me how much time is left...


Just got my meater plus, I connected it via the cloud well

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