Has any found a intuitive way to make a lutron light dimmer and a fan switch into one pico?

I’m having an electrician install a caseta fan and light dimmer in each room. The obvious answer is to use 2 picos as remotes. I’m wondering if anyone has an intuitive solution that uses 1?

I don't think there's anything intuitive in regards to button controllers once you use anything other than push events.
But the first thought I had was to use a typical five button pico, setting push events to control the light and held events to control the fan.

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Me too, but then hold to dim is wonky. 2 it is

I have not tried this, but...

You could use the 5 button Pico and use Top/Bottom as light on/off with the Hold being the dim/bright.

Alternately, use the Top/Bottom as Light On/Off with the middle "favorite" that sets an ideal dim level... press to hold can then cycle around. (dim to zero and then brighten to 100 then back to 0)

The middle two become Fan Speed, of course.

I am using 5 button Picos at all of my Hampton bay Fan Controllers and just use preset push-dim levels. 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and 0. Held buttons are assigned to the speeds the fan supports: High, Med, Low, Off and the held center button selects "comfort".

What I have done w/ a Pico and a fan is:

  • Center button toggles light on/off
  • Top button cycles fan speed from off to high
  • Bottom button cycles fan speed from from high to off
  • Button 2 increments brightness up by 25% with each push
  • Button 4 increments brightness down by 25% with each push

Then the fans can’t adjust speed?

If that question was to me, i edited my previous post. The top and bottom buttons control the speed of fan.

Got it

I do something similar to stephen.

  • I use the top and bottom buttons for lights. Push is on or off, held dims or brightens.
  • The center two buttons are for fan. Push is on or off, and held cycles through speeds.

But really, why not just use two pico side by side? You don't even need a double box to have them beside each other. Wall mount one, and the other gets attached to the box. A two gang cover will hide it all.

I just have a limited space where this particular fan switch is located, and it is already a 4 gang box with no more wall space to mount another device.

I use these, only $6