Harmony Hub Integration

I have two hubs and i had to add it to the same harmony account. I also added it to smartthings. I can't wait until hubitat has direct integration.

Unfortunately, according to Logitech, they are not accepting applications for new integrations:disappointed_relieved:

It would have to be a local integration using Harmony's state digest broadcasts. HE would also have to connect as a XMPP client, which it doesn't currently have the capability to do. Seems like something that would be low on Hubitat's priority list, if it was on the list at all.

I do understand the want to control lighting, etc. with Harmony for things like Harmony activities. So if we had the ability to trigger an Alexa routine with an HE virtual switch, contact sensor or motion sensor, then we could do this since Alexa can control Harmony activities.

I can also get my head around wanting to start a chain of events from the remote without speaking as well. There is IFTTT, but I haven't played with that, so maybe it's too slow. Another option might be Stringify. Typically very fast, but there's no direct connection between Stringify and HE. However, certain IFTTT channels are very fast, HE being one of them. So one thing you could try is Harmony and IFTTT simultaneously (because that's possible with Stringify), then IFTTT to HE.

I know it's not local. Not sounding like you'll have a choice with Harmony, so best to look at the cloud options.

The best option right now IMO is to use the native SmartThings integration, because you can use this to get instant updates. If you migrated from ST, use your existing IDE account. If not, you can apparently create a ST IDE account and add the Harmony app without owning a hub. Add your Harmony credentials, discover hubs and activities. This will create virtual switches in ST. These switches can be added back into the Harmony activities, so when you start a Harmony activity it turns it's own ST switch on (details here). There's your 2-way instant status sync between Harmony and ST. Then in the ST app or WebCore, you can use various ways to pass this virtual switch action back to HE or whatever. I used http calls from webCore to hit RM endpoints in HE, which triggers certain things to happen in Hubitat. It's working fine. Obviously dependent on ST, Harmony, and HE cloud connections, but it's the best we've got right now.

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That's a good point that you can still use ST cloud even if you no longer or never owned a hub. webCoRE is the only problem with this setup for someone that doesn't have it loaded or has never used it. I certainly wouldn't recommend it being that it's trouble for many, even if it's not giving you trouble.

However, since you can trigger Alexa routines with ST, that's your answer. You start your activity on Harmony, that triggers ST cloud and ST cloud then triggers the Alexa routine to set your HE lights when the activity starts or ends.

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It's good to have options! FWIW I had no problem reloading webCoRE to my ST IDE account and reinstalling with the ST app even though my hub is gone.

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Oh that's interesting. I didn't realize that's how you were using webCoRE. Well, that's a safe distance away from the HE hub. :wink:

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YES....in no way, shape, or form am I recommending WC on HE. I'm just using it on SmartThings to send http requests to HE when the Harmony activity switches turn on and off.


Ya know .. I hate reading this stuff at work! NOW I have to wait until I get home to try anything. Has me feeling a bit frustrated. Haha! @destructure00 @SmartHomePrimer Simply genius.


Can you share an example of the HTTP calls you're making from ST? Perhaps a generic driver example that I could add to my Harmony that would do an HTTP call to HE Maker API to do an action using one of the Smart buttons on my Harmony remote?

I'm not using it anymore, @ogiewon has a local integration that works directly between Hubitat and Harmony...using that instead.

How would this work for the Harmony Home Control buttons? I wouldn’t expect to be able to capture those presses without ST?

The only way I found to capture these buttons is if you have a Hue Hub connected to the Harmony. If you have, then depending on your remote you can either allocate a Hue scene (Elite remote) or a single bulb (Companion remote) to the button you showed and then by modifying the driver code with your specific event codes you can trap those events and get it to trigger a button press in HE. It's a PITA and you have to effectively waste a Hue bulb just as a trigger, but it does work. At least if you have an Elite you can set up 4 scenes that just use the same hue bulb and just call them different names to get access to all 4 buttons. With the Companion you need a different bulb for each button you want to use. I haven't trapped the +/- button presses in either case, because with scenes they don't do anything and for bulbs they only work on the last bulb switched on. Logitech's set up of these buttons is bizarre and even If you don't use the +/- buttons you can't allocate them to A/V commands as that overrides all of the home control buttons. If you look in the other thread linked above, there are some details and I am happy to PM you my modified driver code that traps the button presses if you want to have a go.


Thanks, I just used this since I don't have a Hue. GitHub - ruricu/SmartThings Setup a Scene in HE, published Scene to Maker API, now I can call that local Maker API url through ST Button that I can then assign to Harmony Home Control buttons. I could also probably use the Harmony Hub direct integration and RM to create a rule to "dim lights" if it's in the evening and a certain activity is started, but this is the quickest way to get the same buttons to do same things. If someone has a better option, please let me know. Unfortunately that button device runs in the cloud, but it can still call the local HE API endpoint.

Any change you would tweak your momentary switch driver to allow us to insert json parameters?

There's always a chance... :wink: But somehow, I am guessing this would snowball into a bunch of requests to handle the response, etc...

Rule Machine allows http calls these days. Wouldn't this be an easier, built-in approach?

Yes but RM only has GET and POST... I need PUT as I am working with the HUE API.

webCoRE can't do this?

I use it for my hue for very specific colors.