Harmony Hub driver question

I have had the Harmony Hub parent set up for a long time. I have changed activities and devices on the Harmony Hub and I do not know how to get these things changed in the Harmony Hub parent driver. I know that upon initial setup child devices are created but now with the activities and devices changed on the Harmony hub I can't get the Parent to see the changes. I hope this makes sense.

Simply bring up the Parent Device's page, and click the REFRESH button. That will discover all of the current Harmony Activities and create any missing ones.

However, for any Activities that you have deleted from the Harmony Hub, you will need to manually remove those child Activity Devices from the Hubitat Hub. I chose to make this a manual process to avoid the chance of breaking end-users' existing automations on the Hubitat hub.


That seems to have worked. Thanks for the info. If I have any more ?'s I'll get back with you.

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I am still having a issue with the driver. I have a Apple TV 4k set up on the Harmony Hub with associated activity. The Apple TV child device and associated scene that I set up to use it, will turn on the Apple TV but will not turn it off. The only way I can get it to power off is to physically press the power button on the Apple remote. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

I have 5 Apple TV devices, and none of them can be powered off via an infrared remote. They will just “go to sleep” on their own. I set up my Apple TV Harmony Hub Activities to issue a “Home” command as part of their power off sequence. This stops the streaming from most Apple TV Apps, like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+, etc…

Music streaming apps, like Pandora, may still continue to stream, though. You may want to add a STOP command as well.

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I'll give that a try. Thanks

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