Harmony Companion

Anybody can tell me how to integrate Harmony Companion into Hubitat?


I assume you have a harmony hub?


Have you seen this?

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No, I have not
I am new using Hubitat

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I’m not sure if there are any others.. But this one came up quick in a search

And it looks to be actively maintained.. There was an update this month

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I was thinking it was plug and play.
I do not know the installation step

Which part?..

Install of the code? or Setup after adding the code?

If it’s installing the code:




I have to do both.
where I have to go to download the code?

Welcome. This is just a driver. Bryan just posted the doc for Apps so you know how to do it in the future.

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Please follow the detailed instructions in my ReadMe. There are actually two drivers that you’ll need.


In the Virtual Dive
in the Type list, I do not see: Logitech Harmony Hub Parent

User installed driver code is at the bottom of the list

You need to install not only the parent code

But also the child code

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Thanks all of you I did the installation of the driver


For those that have used this app.... What button templates did everyone use? I used the "Button" and it doesnt seem to work.

I believe this "Button" Template came from my MyQ integration and the options are ButtonOpen and ButtonClose...

As I type this I realize why those may not work, so any guidance would be appreciated.


Still new to this thing, but I love it more and more each day and I GREATLY appreciate all the work the smart people are doing in making all these things work!

Just wanted to reply in case anyone else has similar questions....

I figured it out. It turns out that I just needed to use a "Switch" Template and this seems to do the trick.

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