Hi everyone I'm after a relay style board that can switch up to 8 devices that integrates well with in hubitat. The board will be for my 8 port central heating manifold and I want it to be able to control the actuators which are 230v but only 2w. As they are such low power using something like the shelly relays seems completely over kill but I'm not sure what else is out there so any help would be much appreciated

Many thanks Mike

Not exactly what you are looking for but others recommended this which I plan to buy for my garage doors once my house is completed. You could always add three of these I guess to get your 8 contacts.

Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 MultiRelay ZEN16 for Garage Doors, Sprinklers, Gas Fireplace; 3 Dry Contact Relays (15A, 15A, 20A); 12-24 V AC/DC or USB C Power; Signal Repeater


You can always try a few of these... Many of us have used them successfully. The relays are 10a@250vac. Follow the notes about how to get HE to access channel 2.