Hardware for homebridge

I am running homebridge with docker on a synology 712+ nas with abysmal performance. The 1 gb memory is at just 46% utilization, which is good, but the processor is just maxed out. Cant get docker or homebridge to run without getting to 100% of CPU utilization. Is there a better way to integrate hubitat and homebrige ? what are you folks using for hardware? A PC server ? specs?

When I had a Wink hub and an iPhone, I ran Home Assistant and homebridge on a headless Odroid XU4 under Ubuntu. No issues at all. Had several other servers as well (dnsmasq, dlna, samba), and a couple other nodejs apps.

The XU4 is a Samsung Exynos based octacore SBC with 2 gb RAM. More expensive at the time than an RPi, but considerably more powerful. There are even better Odroid options available now.

Whats your impression of raspberry Pi 4 vs the Odroid N2 ? To run homebridge.


I don't have an RPi4, so I cannot compare the two. In general, for non-GPIO projects, Odroid's offerings are excellent.

I'm running Homebridge on a RPi 3 b+ and it works well.