Hardly Anything will Connect to Aeotec Range Extender 7

I have an Aeotec Range Extender 7. I have it in my basement and it connects properly to the hub with S2 Authentication (I've also tried it without). Reading as 100kbps when installed in it's final resting spot...perfect signal. Trying to join a Fibaro FGMS-001 motion sensor (listed as supported with no caveat for C7 which is what I have). I can join near the hub but it loses connection when I put it in its spot which is VERY close to the repeater. If I try to join it in its final resting spot, it will not happen. Once, I tried it slightly closer to the hub and it joined straight to the hub and bypassed the repeater. Completely ignores the repeater that is literally within 18 feet of the device. What is the hell is going on?

I can't remember which number mine was but it was this range. I only had one device using it, and it was further away than it was to the hub! So I removed the extender from the system and everything's been fine without it.

Z-wave routing often doesn't make sense. Just because it joined direct to the hub doesn't mean it will stay there. The devices occasionally check for new routes. I'd leave it for a few days to see if the route changes,

What @jimyouse said. Also once the device is in its final resting place, run a repair on it to see if it picks up the extender.

But I can't run repair on it because it's not online. It's too far away from the hub. But right next to the repeater.

Ok, Move as far away as you can but so the hub still sees the unit. Then run the repair to see if it works...(just spit balling here is all) Also have you left in on but by the repeater for 24 hours?

I just checked mine (S2 security as well) and nope nothing routing through it either after months of being online.. my other repeater a Ring V2 Extender is routing 1 device.

I wonder if it's good to keep around anyway in case a device needs a backup route for redundancy..

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Depends. I was happy to get rid of mine as it was taking up a plug socket for nothing. I don't think I will bring it back in unless I notice any of my z-wave devices struggling.

Not to mention the unnecessary power consumption.. even if negligible.

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Devices develop their connectivity tables when they are first joined to the mesh. Thus, it is helpful to join the repeater devices early in the process and then add non-repeater devices afterward.

Trying to exclude/reinclude devices can be a pain. If you can bring the device close to the hub, that is the best way to do it. You might be able to bring the hub close to the device if you cannot move the device.

Many people get a Z-wave stick which can be used with a laptop computer to exclude the device. Exclusion does not have to be done with the main hub. However, reinclusion will require the hub.

Repeaters were the first thing I installed. I just wiped everything. Still won't connect to them. Plus, it's a battery motion detector. Easy to bring anywhere but that is the problem. It won't connect to the range extender even when right next to it. This is trying to INCLUDE the device for the first time. It won't connect to it and will only connect to the hub. Rang extender shows connected though.

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