Hard to find zigbee

is it me or is it really had to find any zigbee motion detectors. Since I was having z wave issues, it thought I would be smart and slowly move to zigbee, But it seems there aint that much out there right now



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I have always preferred Zigbee for motion sensors - I think they react just a little bit faster. Lots of issues have messed up supply chains and many of the old familiar brands just aren't available right now. I have recently used the Hue motion sensors (outdoor in my case). They pair directly with the Hubitat Hub.


That's exactly what I did. I replaced all my battery thirsty Aeotec MultiSensor 6 with Philips Hue Motion sensor. I love them:

  • report motion, illuminance and temperature
  • magnetic mount
  • 2x AAA batteries
  • minimum 2 years battery life
  • super fast
  • natively supported by Hubitat (and working flawlessly)

If you are a member Costco has them for $30/each pack of 2:


The outdoor version are $40/each pack of 2:



Check ebay periodically for Iris 3326-L v2. I just picked up 15 for about $6 ea. Love the 3326!


I second your opinion on zigbee speed vs zwave. I have a zwave aeotec and it chews batteries - and is slow as molasses (but does have 6 sensors - so theres that.) Recently, I wanted to replace a few others and I've loved the Samsung Magnetic mount- and I've searched the world and can't find them! So I'm looking for something like it. those Iris units (mentioned above) look like a good replacement choice ...

There is a mount for the Iris 3326-L sold on ebay.

I thought the indoor Phillips Hue Motion sensor had a similar kind of ball mounting. I don't have any - I have only seen pictures . . .

There are actually quite a few if you look around and more from Sonoff, Tuya(both have new Zigbee line) and etc if you don't mind waiting to ship from Aliexpress.

I like the Neo Coolcam one that has usb powered option, no worry about battery (I might get the Z-Wave Plus which has lux)
Some also have z-wave version of the same, I wonder they're OEM for Dome/Wink as they look the same or similar.

Tuya Zigbee Smart PIR Motion Sensor With Temperature and Humidity sensor Battery Powered or USB Charge Works With TUYA Hub|Building Automation| - AliExpress

The Philips Hue motion has a 2 to 3 years battery life, however, if that's not enough, something like this would easily convert it to AC power.

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The Neo Coolcam one when wired, the battery acts as backup, not dummy, and 1/2 price of Hue before adding any sort of dummy battery with adatper.
Hue's zigbee motion detector is in the price range of z-wave.

To each their own.

I'm sure the Neo Coolcam is a good sensor.

But I have 8 Philips Hue motion sensors in my house and none can be easily reached by AC power. I fitted them with Eneloop AAA rechargeables which, if they last 2 to 3 years, makes it a non-issue. And with the convenient magnetic mount I can replace the AAA rechargeables within seconds.
Illuminance for me is essential to properly implement spot motion lighting.
They are "tried and true", reliable and fast. My zigbee mesh is rock solid.
I bought them at Costco for $30/each free 2nd day delivery with warranty. I can return them anytime at my local store and get a replacement literally in a couple of days.

To me all of the above is worth the extra $10.

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I had no idea these took AAA, that is awesome. Damn it.

Do they require the Hue Hub or can you directly pair these to HE?

They can be paired directly to HE.


A Philips Hue bridge is required to update the firmware on the Hue motion sensors (if needed.) However, Hubitat cannot ‘see’ these sensors if they are paired to the Hue bridge. They must be directly paired to the Hubitat hub in order for them to be used in Hubitat automations.


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