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I've just bought a Hubitat second hand and I'd like to do a factory reset. I read the option is now hidden as it is only applicable for situations like mine. Could you please let me know how to perform a hard reset?

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You can trying contacting support. I've tagged the support team for you - @support_team.

However, it might be easier to resolve this by contacting the seller and asking them to "deregister" their Hubitat.

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I am trying to reset a habitat that I set up 2 years ago and most of the devices are no longer a part of my automation system. How can I reset the hub to remove all the devices? @support_team. I am trying to see if Habitat can be a part of my new automation system in my new house so I'd like a fresh installation of it. Thanks in advance!

You can do that by:

  1. Resetting the Zigbee radio (if you have any such devices) from Settings > Zigbee Details,
  2. Resetting the Z-Wave radio (if you have any such devices) from Settings > Z-Wave Details, then
  3. Performing a soft reset.

These can really be done in any order, but it's easiest to do the radio resets when you have the regular hub UI available, which you won't until after setting it up again if you do the soft reset first.

Since you're keeping the hub, there shouldn't be a need to worry about cloud registration, but you can remove that at my.hubitat.com if needed (or set up your new hub by connecting it to the cloud when prompted using the same/existing account if you did before and want to again).

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