Happy Times with My Hubitat

I started with a C4 then moved to C7 so I've been here for quite a while. I am not a "coder" but have managed to put together some simple apps and drivers.
I am current running [].

I'm posting this to share my good luck with my system. I've had no active log errors for multiple weeks (ignoring inability to connect to ecobee)

My system is modest compared to some I've seen posted here:

55 devices ranging from very old (Leviton non Plus plug in dimmers and WD500Z-1 dimmers) to some very new devices with the 700 series chip. I have a number of Aqara temperature, humidity & pressure sensor and contact sensors. I have homemade Zigbee devices using the cc2530 board from TI.

All work flawlessly :slight_smile: Folks complain the Aqara devices keep dropping off, I guess I'm lucky in that I've not seen any issues with them.

So mostly I wish to send Kudo's to the Hubitat team and to let them know there are folks out here who are extremely happy. Also to let the new folks know there are many of us out here without all the issues you see posted.