Happy Third Anniversary, Hubitat!

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Hubitat! So glad that I chose to be one of the early adopters three years ago, when I placed my C3 hub order in late January, 2018. It's been a fun and fantastic ride. Looking forward to what the future holds!

Thanks again to the Hubitat Team for making Hubitat such an amazing platform! @bravenel, @bobbyD, @mike.maxwell, @patrick, @gopher.ny, @bcopeland, and everyone else on the Hubitat Staff!


Just wanted to add @mike.maxwell to that list. And some who have moved on - like Chuck Schwer.


Thanks Ashok! I added Mike to my post as well. Not sure how I forgot him! Thanks @mike.maxwell!


Wow its only been 3 years? How did i wind up with 6 hubs sitting here...


Congratulations to the Hubitat Team for making my local automation dream a reality!


I can't believe that the Hubitat is this far along in only 3 years!



With best wishes for a great future!


I wouldn't be here if not for @ogiewon himself! So if we're throwing thanks around, shoutout to OP. Besides his praise of the platform in other forums, I couldn't have left smartthings and St Anything without Hubduino. Too many custom devices. You switching and porting that code is the only reason I ever switched!


Formerly ST here and just came over in late November of 2020. Congratulations on such a beautiful platform! Amazing what it's become in just 3 years.

Slight side note: I think we need some HE merch!


Only 6? :slight_smile:

Currently sitting at 10 :slight_smile:


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I'd add to that success the great community. Not sure who to attribute that to entirely, but surely a result of HE staff cultivating a collaborative forum such as this. Bravo!! On that note, for me, honorary mentions to Community members such as @ogiewon, @dman2306, @bptworld, @Cobra, @marktheknife, @aaiyar, @danabw, @neonturbo. I've definitely missed people in that list who have made my HE experience that much better, apologies and thanks...



Former ISY user here, who came over to Hubitat in Q420 for a better user interface and stronger z-wave support. I have been absolutely thrilled, so Congrats to the Hubitat team for their hard work and ingenuity. I long touted the ISY for its reliability, but so far Hubitat is proving its equal in that regard, which is a real accomplishment. And all other elements, in my view, are proving superior. Fantastic job!

I would also like to mention the very polite and helpful user group here. Many of these device/platform forums fall into "fan boy" clubs in which any criticism of the device/company/platform results in the person mentioning the issue being effectively cast out. I haven't witnessed that here, and sure hope it can be avoided. The behavior of folks here is really commendable, and another reason I have been very happy to have made this switch.


Three years and Hubitat going strong. He is wishing for many more happy years with the Hubitat platform. (Oh the Zigbee).


Now if purchasing multiple hubs actually got us anywhere...


In regards to multiple hubs:
I have three hubs myself - one zigbee one zwave and one control.
I used to use HubConnect, but I switched to Hub Mesh - an amazing advance.
Probably, I could get by with just one, but I'm very happy that I have three for many reasons.
With the cost of a hub being what it is, I'm not deterred at all.
As a matter of fact, I'm even considering getting another one just to do development!


Congrats on 3 years!

I Elevated my home automation to Hubitat when I saw the first signs of Wink’s demise... (Pun intended... :wink: ) And I am so glad I did! I would have been even happier had I found it 3 years ago when it came out!


Can you tell some uses for the hub mesh?, that's interesting.

Hub Mesh:
If you happen to have more than one hub, then Hub Mesh is for you!
For example, let's say you want to do development of new routines on one hub, but not have that impact your everyday routines, then perhaps you may want to get two hubs, and connect them with Hub Mesh.
For example, you happen to want to keep those pesky Zigbee lights on one mesh, and your zwave stuff on another mesh, then Hub Mesh is for you.
For example, perhaps you have many external interfaces (google, alexa, ecobee, dashboard, etc...), and want to keep your devices on another hub (hub balancing), the Hub Mesh is for you.
Since the price of a new Hub is relatively small (like 1-2 switches), it's not a bad idea to get another hub as backup.