Hanging on v2.2.9.129 update

I tried to update my C-5 hub to v from v2.2.9.128 and it just hangs at " Applying Update"

I have rebooted the hub and tried from both my phone and my PC, but same result. normally i would just wait until perhaps the next update came out and try again figuring it's just stuck, but it's also doing weird stuff. For example, my automations are hosed or not working at the correct time now. My front porch lights always turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. Right now they aren't turning on at all that I can tell.

I can access the hub interface, reboot, check versions, look at devices etc, but I can't open the logs page.

Any ideas?

Sounds similar to:


Awesome, thank you! I searched for "hanging on update" but it didn't give me that thread!


Thanks for your feedback. I fixed that, changed the tile so maybe it helps others: