Handling multiple lock brands

I have Yale and Schlage z-wave locks. Lock Manager looks like it works with the Yale locks, but when I try to add codes for Schlage locks, they don't take/show up. Thoughts?

Is there anything that might be preventing the code from getting added successfully? I don't know about Yale, but Schlage lets you customize the code length (the default is 4), and if you try to add a code that doesn't match what the lock is configured for, it will fail, whether you try with Lock Code Manager or manually. This is just one possibility but one I've seen when I forgot to set my locks to match.

That being said, I've found LCM and locks in general to be a bit picky. If you want LCM to handle everything, I suggest removing all lock codes on each lock (either through the UI starting at index 0 or 1--I forget which is the lowest--and going through the highest it allows, or punching in whatever sequence you need to do it on the lock itself), then doing a "get lock codes" and waiting several minutes for it to complete (keep the logs open or check them later for the status). You should see an empty map, {}, listed for lockCodes in the admin UI on the device's page, if this completed. Then try letting LCM add them again (I'd recommend clearing everything out of LCM before you start, but re-adding a user/code already in LCM should also work if LCM doesn't still think it's in the lock). Keep the logs open after you try adding a user/code to your locks to monitor the status, and see if you get any errors either there or in LCM--the logs can help troubleshoot. (The most common one I've seen is the lock saying the code is already in use, which is why my advice is to try to clear everything--and wait for it to realize that's the case--before trying again, but your problem might be different.)

Good luck!

Yale lock codes can be 4-8 digits. I think my Schlage FE599 is limited to 4 digit codes.

Could be--I have a BE468 and BE499 that allow 4-8 digits, but I don't know about the FE599.

Are you using 4 digits with the Yale? I don't know if LCM can deal with a mix of code lengths.

I'm using 6-7 digits with the Yales, and 4 with the Schlage since it seems that it only supports 4 digits. Everyone has a different code in order to avoid fingerprint attacks on the keypads. If an attacker can identify the buttons pressed, a 4 digit code only has 24 possible codes. I used to do social engineering work for clients and I broke into multiple buildings in just a few minutes using this method.

Well, that's only true if there are no repeating numbers...

So for social engineering/smudge analysis that only works if you know for a fact there are 4 smudges, and not a number less than 4.

Otherwise it is up to 256 combinations.

That's true. If there were 5 smudges or more, I looked for another way in (like tailgating someone or using the RFID cloner if they had a non-HID prox card system). If there were 3 smudges, I would assume a 4 digit code with one repeating number and still try it.

There's a great book out there on this called "The Art of Deception" by Kevin Mitnick. Worth a read. It's useful also to get what you want from companies like Comcast. :slight_smile:

I've read it. It is good. I'm not a huge fan of Kevin's in general, but I did like that book.

Anyway - you are right. It is amazing how easy it is to get into things with minimal to semi-minimal effort.

I assume you're using different users/codes in LCM for the two different locks then? It won't handle setting the same code on two different locks with different code lengths (e.g., no silent, graceful truncation, or at least not that I've seen).

It appears that under each user, you can have multiple codes for each lock, but they don't seem to apply to the Schlage, only the Yales.

Oh, interesting. I never tried that--my failure point was forgetting to set the code length on my "new" Schlage and wondering why LCM was failing with my (one) code. Do you see any suspicious messages in the logs after you have LCM apply the code to the Schlage? (Un-check and re-check to add it back if LCM already thinks it's added to see.)

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