Hampton Bay Fan/Light Controller

I have had unreliable results with my Hampton Bay Fan/Light Controller and am thinking of pulling them out and switching to the GE switch. If I do wanted to see if anyone was interested in buying them?

Interesting. I've had good luck with mine. Have you tried to make sure you have the antenna adequately exposed and have a Zigbee repeater close enough? There is a thread that discussed reliability problems if the antenna is under the fan cowling or isn't in range and some people even replaced the supplied antenna. Once I had a Zigbee plug near by, I haven't had an issue.

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I've got multiple repeaters and it actually close to the hub. I will try and see if pulling the antenna out further works. They are in my kids rooms and the constantly misplace their remotes and then they try and use the dash to control them and they don't work.

I have 2 of these controllers. Both about 10 feet and one wall from the hub. One seems to fall off everytime I add a new zigbee device even non repeaters. Which doesn't seem right. It tends to reconnect within an hour if I leave it alone. Or right away if I toggle the power to the controller. I almost want to put in a controller to do just that!

Inovelli's Project Hurricane can't get here quick enough.....

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Mine used to fall off all the time. I put in xbee in the room above the fan, now it's solid over the last 6 months

If you want to keep them, change the antenna. I did, and it really helped mine. Worth a try for a couple bucks. Part numbers on the link below. Just 3-4 screws and other than that very easy to change.

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