Hampton Bay Fan Controllers non-responsive after 2.1.1 updates

After going to, and now, I can no longer control my 4 Hampton bay fan controllers. Can't control the parent device or child devices.

Anyone else having this problem?

Any ideas?

I got this on one fan with .114.. updated to .115 and haven't checked them all, but I guess I will.

I will say that the one fan that lost connection after updating to .114 reconnected just fine after I power-cycled it.

My fans aren't on switches and I really don't feel like flipping breakers at this point so I haven't tried power cycling. Really shouldn't have to.

Mine aren't on switches either.. but it took me only a few seconds to run downstairs and toggle it off and then back on.

All 3 of mine worked fine on, and also on

Sounds like you need to power cycle, sorry.

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Correct, you shouldn't have to... but the Hampton Bay Fan Controllers really are flakey devices. I assume you do have a Zigbee repeater in the same room? Can you control it (assuming it is an outlet)?

Yeah these things are super flakey... I'm tempted to rewire my rooms just so I can use Lutron switches instead.

All of mine are working fine on v2.1.1.114

They are all automated by temp, and all the upstairs ones are spinning. I turned a couple off then back on by Dashboard. No problem. (Using Dashboard for ME means, HubConnect to the Zigbee Hub)

My Zigbee network is tiny. I have a fistful (7) of Iris v2 & v3 motion sensors and the 4 HB Fan Controllers. Augmenting the mesh are 1 Peanut plug and 2 Iris plugs.

@csteele How did you automate them by Temp? I want to do that but couldn't figure out an easy way in RM to set fans to a specific speed or to increment the speed up or down by 1.

"Office Ceiling Fan" is the HB Fan Child.


I only have one, but it's still working. I'm assuming you're aware of the typical problems people have with these fan controllers: they need a Zigbee repeater fairly close because their radio seems to be weak, and they are prone to becoming unresponsive if not (if you aren't, there are a few threads on the subject). FYI: unfortunately, if the device needs to be reset and rejoined, last time I checked, the child device DNIs are created relative to that of the parent, which may (will?) change if reset and rejoined, so the "old" child devices won't work anymore and you'll have to use the new ones, including plugging them into existing automations where you may have used the old ones.

I get that it doesn't take long but my fans aren't the only things on the breakers. :slight_smile:

Yup, I can control the peanut plugs in each room with the fans. The fans are the only thing not responding.

If you're unable to flip the breakers, I don't know how else to help. I don't think I've ever been able to get these things to rejoin a functioning network without a power cycle.

I have a similar setup, automated by temp, but I'm not even worried about the rules now. They won't even work using the buttons in the HE UI.

I know this is too late now...

Before I got the HB Zigbee Fan Controllers I had a set of Bluetooth ones, and day 2 I ran into a problem where turning on one of them turned them all on. I had to go back into the canopies and reset them... teaching me that I needed a power switch. So I purchased some small switches that I put inside the canopy. When I swapped to the HB Fan Controllers about a month ago, I retained the switches :slight_smile:


3amp, 250v switches

I ALMOST went this far:

In which the roller ran against the canopy (inside) and the switch would 'sense': canopy open or closed.

hah, for one of my 4 fans that would be worse than just going to the breaker. I'd have to take the blades off to open the canopy. For the other 3 the switch just wouldn't fit.

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My experience is that the the parent will be assigned a new DNI, the children will keep their old one. All my automations continue to work for the children, except the dashboard.

I was unable to update the children DNI to match the parent. Changing the parent DNI to be what it was previously did not work either.

Coming back to this because I had a similar issue today and thought I'd post my solution for the next person who searches the forums for this.

We had an hour long power outage yesterday and today I noticed all my 5 of my fans were not responding. I power cycled them and nothing happened. Rebooted the hub and power cycled them.. still nothing. I ended up putting the hub in Discover mode and power cycling the fans. Hubitat found them as "previously added device". This got them back on the network and all is well now.

It did tempt me to rewire my house so I would be able to use the Lutron Fan controllers though... I wish these Hampton Bay modules were more reliable.

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These are the exact steps I follow...I live in Florida and the occasional lightning storm/power outage is par for the course. Keep in mind that the parent controller probably picked up a new DNI and that normally causws the child devices to no longer function correctly. If you have any apps tied to the child devices you will need to delete and recreate them (the child devices) so they are attached to the new parent controller DNI..then readd them to the Apps in question.