Hampton Bay Fan and Light Debug

Okay, I am having problems getting my Hampton Bay Wink controller connected to my Hubitat.

  • I have placed a 72922A in the same room.
  • I've tried to get the peanut even closer by plugging it in a room directly above the fan (3-6'?).
  • I've tried the reset sequence for the fan. The light on the fan, however, never did blink when I was done.
  • I've moved the Hubitat into the same room. 12' was as close as I could get it
  • I've even tried the secret sequence of bad words and nothing... That almost always works!

The handheld remote (all functions) works fine so I believe the controller is installed properly. Any idea what I may be doing wrong or missing?

Thanks in advance.

My guess is that. :slight_smile: I've tried to reset this a few times myself, and it always took me multiple tries. I think it's very picky about the timing (or perhaps the manual is wrong in ways that we have yet to discover exactly). If you keep trying, ideally while the hub is in pairing mode so as to not lose the ability to use this monumental achievement (and also due to my personal bias since this is the only condition under which I was able to do this), it should eventually blink/reset and rejoin.

You don't really need to stop between tries since it's the same pause between each flick of power, though if you start the next flick too fast you might miss the blink. I don't think this would be a problem at their recommended speed, but I also tried it a few times faster myself and I'm not sure which of my many attempts actually made it work.

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I finally moved the antenna outside the canopy to see if that would increase my chances. That seemed to. But the fan/light soon became unresponsive. So following Bertabcd1234's advice I kept cycling the power until the fans light blinked 3 times... Shortly thereafter, it blinked 5-ish times and the fan turned on low. Success!!!...??? Nope! After a short time where everything seemed to work, it's unresponsive, again...

Do you have any Zigbee smart bulbs directly connected to Hubitat? It could be a network/mesh issue. (If you do, try disconnecting them from power temporarily to see if it helps. Consider also disconnecting them forever or putting them on their own network; it will probably help you with other things, too.)

It sounds like you have at least one repeater in the same room as the fan controller, something people have generally found to be necessary due to the apparently weak radio in this thing. Being a non-bulb, I assume the 72922A should work fine, but considering its vague affiliation with the same comany's smart bulb lines, you might want to consider putting something else in the room instead (maybe the Peanut?). These are tricky (and smart bulbs are just generally bad on a ZHA network), but it sounds like you're getting pretty close.

Actually, it's not a bulb. It's a plug found here:


So no Bulbs. So far it's just the one plug. And my house seems small enough I can get to this plug no matter where I place it in the house. However, Seems the Fan controller has a problem even with 12-14 feet line of site...

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I had problems with those Sylvania Smart+ and the HB fans. I swapped them out for Peanuts and they seem to work great.

You mean these?

Yes, that's the one. No need for the Almond Hub as the Peanut plug will pair directly with Hubitat. Power reporting will not work properly with the Peanut plug, if that is important to you.

This sounds like my experience. For me it was solved with a strengthened mesh. The fan is a Home Decorator model. It constantly fell off my ST hub, it never worked on HE until I made some changes. I put a ZigBee wall wart in the room, that helped. I now have a Hampton Bay fan and another wall wart in the next room and they both work rock solid now. I also retired all of my Cree bulbs, I replaced them with Hue and have no regrets. Other then the occasional ZigBee motion (iris) going offline my ZigBee stuff all works great.

I was wondering if a mesh of 1 repeater and 1 endpoint might be a part of the problem. So... I've ordered a peanut to control Christmas lights, of course, and then head to Ikea to pick up a couple bedside USB repeaters. Hopefully that makes things more reliable. Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Seems to have been a mesh problem after all. Adding an extra peanut, not only fixed the connection issues, I was able to stuff the Zigbee antenna back into the canopy and it still seems to be reliable. At least, I haven't seen it drop.... yet.

I am going to be installing another one of these HB fan controllers in the room above the current Installation. So I'll probably be installing one of the Ikea Trรฅdfri USB Signal Repeaters in that room by the nightstand.

Thanks again!