Hampton Bay fan and Google home device type

Hello everyone!

Sorry if this is a repost, or not labeled correctly, but I'm hoping someone here can either help or point me in the right direction.

I migrated from Wink to HE c7 and I only have 1 device so far and plan on adding more in the future. My device I have is a hampton bay ceiling fan. I was able to add to HE no problem, I can see the child devices, I have connected my google account, and can turn on and off with the voice assistant.

My issue is in the Google home app, it sees both the light and fan components as both lights. I want the fan to be seen as a fan. I have previously read that it matters what the name of the device is, but that didn't help. Right now, the device name is Main Bedroom Fan Component and the device label is Main Bedroom Fan. I can't figure out why Google sees this as a light?

I have since removed the fan from google home until I can get a solution.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you

I'm scanning the threads as I've seen this issue before, but what happens if you change the word "fan" to "dimmer" or "switch". (Or append dimmer/switch to the name.)

Thank you for the response!

I tested both switch and dimmer but Google saw them all as lights. I unlinked, renamed device, then relinked both times with same results.

This is a limitation with the native Google integration, as they only support a few device types. You can achieve the desired functionality (and more) with the community integration:

[Alpha] Community-maintained Google Home integration - Developers / Code Share - Hubitat

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I came across this and I can't get it to work! I posted under issues titled New User Configuration, but I haven't heard any response since November.

It looks like you have things configured correctly, based on the Github issue (#47). In my mind there are three main failure points:

  1. Hubitat Oauth config
  2. Google Action Config
  3. App Configuration

The fact you can see the action on your phone, and get the Authorize prompt rules out points 1 & 2. I suspect there could be something with the app configuration on the Hubitat side.

I'm assuming your test action is showing as Linked in the Google Home app. If that's the case can you give these steps a try?

Can you try creating a basic switch or light device type with the On/Off device trait. (Assuming you have such a device connected to your hub). Here's an example from my hub:

Once created add a device, and then remove the fan device type and any modes you are exposing. Leave logging enabled and ask Google to "Sync Devices". I've also found you can pull down in the Google Home app to trigger a sync. Let us know what you get in the error log.

Sorry for the delayed response, but that's exactly where my issue is. It is not showing up as linked in Google home. I go through and get all the prompts to authorize, select the device, and then when I click done, it just spins and does nothing.

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