Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote SALE $36.24 at Homeless Despot

Hey Guys & Gals
Saw this when browsing. Usually 49.99. So these are tricky to work with, but very unique in terms of control. They do not act as repeaters and prefer another repeater near by.
Lucky for me I just got a chase rewards 100.00 HD gift card(discover has the gift cards too)



Wonder if they are getting ready to close this out or something? With Wink's recent "issues", they surely cannot be selling very many of these.

Too bad they have always advertised this as Wink only, it really is a unique device that could/should have a larger userbase. This works for no-neutral situations, where you only have one hot at the fan, or even if you don't have a wall mounted switch. Hope they don't discontinue these.

After posting this, I was thinking the same thing. With wink in ICU, on a respirator with a "do not resuscitate" order it's very likely that demand has bottomed out.
Too bad, since as you said, it's a general zigbee device that's is supported on HE very well, and I guess supported on ST.

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Thanks, I grabbed 4, one for each bedroom.

I have smart dimmers in 3/4 bedrooms so not sure I will connect the lights... I will have to decide.

I latched on to 2 of them and also ordered 2 external antennas with cable. I am getting good at changing them.

Thanks for the heads up.

Glad you found it helpful.
And me too, not sure I want the lights controller by that remote. I guess i could just hookup the fan piece. Another fun project coming down the pike

I have one of these and they are extremely YMMV. Sixty percent of the time it works every time. Once you start having these show up and start installing them make sure you search long and hard about some of the special issues folks have run into with these. I am basically at the end of my rope with this product and am eager to try out the new Innovelli fan controller as its replacement. Best I can tell zigbee was probably not the best choice for this product due to its limited range and the fact that fan blades spinning creates a faraday cage of sorts. I have tried a repeater in multiple positions around the room the fan controller is in and still only had mild success.

Very true. I was ready to yank mine until I got a repeater above the device as suggested by @JDRoberts.
Mine hasn't dropped for almost a year since. Others have solved their problems with an upgraded zigbee antenna.

I like the inovelli solution, but not everyone's wiring supports the inovelli switch,
NOT TRUE- sorry guys


There may have been a licensing issue or royalties to Wink for using their name on the product. Since Wink is essentially useless as a brand these days, it makes sense to dump the SKU that carries the Wink baggage.

Says who? The Inovelli fan/light wall switch communicates with the canopy module in the fan by RF. The switch itself doesn't even contain a relay or load out terminal! There's absolutely nothing stopping someone from hiding it in an unused outlet box behind a piece of furniture, centralizing one or more in a multi-gang box, etc. As long as the switch has an RF link to the canopy, all that it needs is a hot/neutral/ground wire to power it. Heck, I used my surface-mount gray plastic outlet box with a lamp cord (test "jig" for programming new switches) to program my first LXW36 switch last Friday.....

Wait, my mistake. I presumed the inovelli switch did not have a canopy module, just like the GE fan switch.
Thanks for pointing that out. Now I have another great alternative. Dam can't believe I missed that, and I was so close to buying into the project hurricane, boy did I miss out.
Next you'll tell me inovelli has a remote for it..

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I thought that I was reading a home automation forum? Remotes are soooooo 20th century! :rofl:

I have a Z-Wave Aeotec WallMote on my night table, with a tap of button #1 programmed to toggle the light on/off and a tap of button #3 programmed to toggle the fan on/off. We can press the crown on any one of our Apple Watches and tell Siri to "turn the bedroom light on" or "set the bedroom fan speed to medium" and have magically happen. I can even push the switch on the wall...if I must.....

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I had a unique wiring situation that required Lutron stuff so Pico remotes will function for anything if you really need a remote but between voice control and app control I hardly see the need any more.

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Would you mind telling me what antennas you buy?

I bought two of them - one is installed and the second one is powered but not installed yet. Just in case I find a better antenna.

I did replace both with a pulse from digikey and I have plug in repeaters surrounding both but both of them were dropping off periodically. I was originally on channel 20, then switched to 15. Same issue. I switched to channel 25 a few weeks ago and it does seem stable now and I plan to install the second one soon. Just curious what antenna you use.

Edit. I bought these ones.


Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 9.19.04 PM
I use these and make a bracket to attach it to the ceiling. I know most people don't like an antenna sticking down from the ceiling but you get use to it.

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Thank you.

The ones I selected are only 4dbi gain so you’re are a bit better. I went with the highest value I could find but I am not an rf guy so didn’t know what else mattered.

I was able to snake the wire between the outbox and the drywall so it’s sitting on top of the ceiling.

If I have any further issue I will go bigger like you have done.

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I love 25 and have been on 25 since day 1, about 18 months ago. Helps me to avoid interference from wifi(channel 1).
I bought a cheap flat antenna from banggood, labelled 2.4ghz
like this:

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