Hampton Bay and Pico Remote Fan error

Hampton Bay and Pico remote.

I am using the Advanced Button Controller and getting the following error when I press the middle button

java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "high" on line 198 (setSpeed)

Any Ideas?

Are you using the built in HE drivers?
If so, are you applying the Dan speed command to the controller parent device or the fan child device?

Also please post a screenshot of the ABC app config pi age for button 3...and the device list page showing your fan device like below.

Built in Drivers - I am not sure I don't think so I am using the King of Fans drivers.

I couldn't find an app or "built it" fan stuff and this was the closest ... I would prefer to use defaults by HE if available - but not sure how to do that with the fan.

It looks like you are using my custom driver.
I posted that driver before HE updated their builtin driver with child devices. Their drivers makes my custom driver pretty much obsolete. I would recommend to remove my driver and use the built in "Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan Controller".

I updated the ABC app to be compliant with the built in drivers and that would explain why you are getting those errors.

That is where I am stuck - where do I use the "Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan Controller" I looked in the "Load Apps" .. ?

Nevermind - I figured it out ...

Put it in pairing mode and then it finds it :frowning: That was easier than I thought.

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So the driver I believe is right - i viewed more info and it still says King of Fans

But mine doesn't look like the above screen shot - I don't have the "Fan Component or Light Component"?

On the device details page, turn on the switch to create child devices and click save.

Ok now it's all showing .. just not responding - I will give it a bit and try again.

I am going to write up how to do this step by step - that would save people like me a ton of time. Though you guys answer so fast.

Man this is troublesome. I purchased an Iris Zigbee outlet put it in the same room (ie 9' away) and I can't get the pico to keep working with the fan.

Whenever I remove the device, then re install it. It works like one or two times then - the pico will never be able to control it again .. actually not just the pico - HE - I turn it on/off and nothing ever happens (fan or light).

Just FYI:

Is the Hubitat hub near the fan as well, or further away? When the HBFC pairs, it needs to use the Iris Zigbee outlet as a repeater. If the Hubitat hub is nearby, it may be choosing to try to connect directly. Some people even install the Zigbee outlets as repeaters on the floor above the fan (assuming a multistory building) to try to get the HBFC to have a very solid mesh. I actually have two zigbee outlets in the same room as my fan, on orthogonal walls to each each other (one North of the fan, and one West of the fan.) This was not done specifically for the fan, as I already was using these outlets for other things. However, I have seen others, like @JDRoberts (IIRC), recommending this physical design for creating a very strong zigbee mesh for these fan controllers.

Another thing to check... What Zigbee channel is your hub using? Mine is on channel 20 which has been serving me very well. Not saying that it will help with your issue, but it is another knob you can tweak.

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Interesting read. My hub is in the same room as the fan - (that is not going to change) and the fan is about the same distance from the hub as it is from the outlet.

FWIW - its all working correctly now - I am going to toss it up to zigbee taking some time to create the connections and such? I know that there is a Zwave repair to the mesh ... I need to get a better understanding of that because the words make sense but how it works doesn't.

Hopefully as it stands this room is in good shape and now I can move forward.

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ZWave has a repair...
Zigbee does not.

Zigbee does it's repair a completely different way.

I am a 99% ZWave house.. I have dabbled in Zigbee, just to be aware. So my answer from memory could be bogus... You power off the Hub for 15 mins and all the devices go "bonkers" trying to find a Hub. When you power back on, they all rebuild the mesh.

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Ever since i put the outlet in the room its been flaless. Originally i was told this but from Missouri the "show me" state.

Csteele the "bonkers" comment cracked me up


Glad to hear it is working. I too was amazed at how sensitive these fan controllers are to having a very nearby Zigbee repeater. Makes all the diffrence!