Halo smoke detectors

I'm a new Hubitat user coming from IRIS platform, trying to get everything switched over before the shutdown.

But I can't get my Halo smoke detectors to pair. None of them. Iris picks them up immediately.

Factory reset holding them down Nada just counts down. Any help would be appreciated.


Are you pairing them as zigbee or zigbee iris V1...

I tried both, just times out. Have the Halo in setup mode.

If I try the iris is pairs right away.

check yr zigbee channel , i thinks its 26 that halo does not support so make sure you are not using that in hubitat

I had a like issue -- moved to another channel and they have been working great


I'll take a look! Does that affect my other zigbee devices, or will they switch without issue?

You got it John! Thanks for the help


Great to hear... Enjoy yr Hubitat -- great platform