Halloween - Lets see some automations

So Halloween is around the corner.

Does anyone have some inspirational videos to show off ?

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Hubitat + Phillips Hue, SK6812 RGB pixel addressable stip + Pixelblaze controller, AEOTEC motion sensor. Comes on 15 minutes before sunset, goes off after 10PM if no motion detected for 30 min. The flames are slightly more subtle in real life than in this picture, so the room is still actually usable while this is going on. This setup does normal, non-animated lighting too, when it's not a special occasion.



I'm away out of the country this year, but last year was great.

I'd hooked up a projector in the master bedrom (which is above the door). And installed a temporary motion sensor near the front door, so anyone who passed by got spooked by the video playing on the projector :joy:.

The motion triggered the exection of VLC via a LAN command, and also started Hue Dynamics in the same way. So the passerby or door knocker, also got the sounds being played on a speaker near the door.

An LED strip around the back of the front door triggered the lightning.

Such a shame I'm not around this year.

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I took one of those white glossy plastic spheres meant for lamp posts, put an RGBW ZigBee bulb into it, and threw together a driver that fades it through the various hues. My family has deemed it a "fortune tellers crystal ball" and it will be put outside Halloween day with someone acting as the fortune teller.

Everything else is just simple outdoor lighting of our headstones, giant spider, pumpkin patch, etc...


For my lights, I have 3 LightShowPi boxes that I built (rPi3B+ with an 8 channel solid state relay board [http://lightshowpi.org]) running about 50 strands of LED light strings that are all synced to Halloween music. They are spread across my yard in different areas and when the music is playing, all the lights dance. It's pretty cool and a very cheap, easy project. I also have 8 Gledopto 10w floods attached to my trees that alternate colors (but not to the music :frowning: ).

On my porch, I have my two Gledopto 10w floods alternating every 30 minutes between orange and purple and I built a flame box out of a strip of 50 Pixels being driven by WLED. I also have 100 Pixels running across my soffit (also driven by WLED) and this year I added another 50 Pixels to our front porch table that shine downward for a cool fire/flicker effect.

Then, just the normal, various amount of characters and other decorations.


We have two of the Micca Speck G2 digital media players, one is connected to an Epson projector that projects in the window that can be seen on our front porch. That one is also setup in one of our Harmony Hubs like the projector is, both are controlled by HE.

The 2nd digital media players is connected to a 23" PC monitor in an upper window (covered in UV window tint), both the digital media player and the PC monitor are turned on & off by a Inovelli 2 channel Z-Wave Outlet.
What is really nice about the Micca Speck G2 digital media player is, you can set it up in the setting to Auto play when powered back on.

We have the Philips Hue A19 bulbs in our outside light fixtures, as well as the Philips Hue Lily outdoor Spot lights, and the Calla outdoor Pathway lights. All setup in Orange and Red colors.